Kathy M. (Weaver) Phillips, 70, of Palmyra, passed away peacefully at Columbia Cottage, Palmyra on Wednesday, Oct. 7, 2020. She was born Sunday, Sept. 10, 1950, to the late Kenneth and Mary (Lehr) Weaver. She is survived by her loving husband of 50 years, Terry D. Phillips.

In addition to her husband she is survived by her children: Tricia Geib (Casey), Emily Willhide (Michael), Eric Phillips (Lauren), and Rachael Kraft (Dennis); grandchildren, Ella Geib and Kate, Aidan, Luke, and Ben Willhide; sister, Linda Abel; and brothers, Richard and Dwayne Weaver.

Kathy was a caretaker in the best sense of the word. As an RN, she took exceptional care of her patients. As a wife and mother, she made sure that her family spent time together, despite a busy and complicated family calendar. She did her best to make sure that the people in her life were able to do all the things that were important to them. For example, this found expression in the incredible variety of lessons and activities that her children participated in. From horse shows and the local 4-H, to dance and tap lessons, to sports like swimming, soccer, gymnastics, hockey, and figure skating, to a brief stint of organ and guitar lessons, she was game to be involved in whatever her kids showed an interest in. She was also fearless whenever the situation called for it. She was afraid of heights and tight spaces but, married to a pilot, she loved to fly. She was quick to laugh, and quick to shed sympathy tears when someone she loved was hurt. She was a peacemaker in a family that loved to argue. She was an avid Scrabble player, so long as the games didn’t extend past 10:15 at night, at which time she would begin to snooze in between turns. She loved horses and loved spending time outdoors. Family camping trips were the stuff of legend. More than anything she loved her family and relished spending time together. She was a supportive wife, a present and engaged mother, an indulgent grandmother, and a loyal sister. But above all, she loved and was loved in return.

May God bless her and keep her. May God make his face to shine upon her and be gracious to her. May God look upon her with favor and grant her peace.