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October is known and recognized as National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. For many, you may stop reading here, simply because “this does not pertain to me.” The truth is it does. Why? Because you are the wife, husband, partner, mother, father, sister, brother, neighbor, co-worker, friend of someone who is a victim of domestic violence.

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What are some of the many barriers that domestic violence victims face? What actually causes domestic violence? What keeps them in that abusive relationship? Why do they tend to return to the very person who hurt them?

Domestic Violence Intervention (DVI) of Lebanon County, Inc. is the domestic violence service provider for Lebanon County. Our staff listens to these stories from victims every single day. We see and hear the effects domestic violence has on the children. We see and hear the fear as they talk about the life of abuse they have endured. We understand their frustrations, fear, indecisiveness, and even at times, their aggression. I can assure you that not one victim has ever told us or ever will that they stayed because they like it. There is so much more.

Domestic violence is one of our society’s major problems that hides in plain sight – it’s such an everyday occurrence that most of us tune it out like white noise, oblivious to the physical, financial, and psychological toll it exacts – when, in fact, the cost is high. We need to let victims know that the community is here to support them and that there is an alternative. Domestic violence is not an issue for those affected.

We ask that you make the commitment to end domestic abuse. This commitment starts by doing simple things like giving someone the DVI hotline number and letting them know that there is someone who will listen, donating to or volunteering with organizations that serve victims of abuse, or simply being an advocate for others who are affected. We are here 24 hours a day 365 days a year to answer your call. Our services are free and confidential. If you or someone you know is in a violent controlling relationship please call our hotline: 717-273-7190 of toll free 1-866-686-0451. We’ll listen. We’ll help you find hope again.

During the month of October, DVI will be holding events throughout Lebanon County to raise awareness. Please join us on Thursday, October 3, 2019 at 6:00 p.m. at the Worrilow Room at the Lebanon Farmers Market. This event will kick off Domestic Violence Awareness month. Our special guest speaker will be Leslie Morgan Steiner. Steiner is an author, consultant, and thought leader on women’s leadership, work-life balance, inspirational parenting, overcoming adversity, and surviving violence against women. We will also be honoring Officer John Zatorski of the Lebanon City Police Department. He was selected as DVI’s Officer of the year for his outstanding work with victims of domestic violence. Tickets are $45.00 per person. The money raised will help fund our children’s counseling program and youth outreach initiatives. For tickets please call the DVI office at 717-273-7154.

If each one of us makes a commitment this October to say or do something to help end domestic violence, just think about the collective impact we can have. Imagine the change we can be in the world.

Thank you,
Jennifer Snyder
Executive Director, Domestic Violence Intervention of Lebanon County, Inc.

About Domestic Violence Intervention (DVI) of Lebanon County, Inc.

The vision of Domestic Violence Intervention (DVI) of Lebanon County, Inc. is “To create safety and seek justice for victims of domestic violence and their families.”

We believe that no person has the right to harm another. We believe it is our mission to unite and educate the residents of Lebanon County by advocating for justice and creating safety for all victims and their families so they may live free from abuse.