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The pandemic has made a difference in many of our Lebanon County businesses. Some businesses have changed for the better, but most have struggled a little or a lot to survive and adapt to the current situation.

For economic recovery in Lebanon County, we need to understand the impact COVID-19 has had on our business community. Participation in this economic impact survey will help shape the future of our recovery efforts.

Any business in Lebanon County, regardless of the impact the pandemic has had, is encouraged to participate in this short survey which can be completed online here.

In April, Forward Together Lebanon was founded as an economic recovery task force. A group of eight community leaders each head up a team dedicated to an area of focus. The Business Recovery team leader is Karen Groh, president of the Lebanon Valley Chamber of Commerce.

In October, the Lebanon County Commissioners approved the use of CARES funds for Forward Together Lebanon to engage two private economic and community development firms. These firms will analyze the effect the pandemic has had on Lebanon County and provide direction to community leaders on where to best focus resources for economic recovery. The results of this economic impact survey will be provided to these firms to assist in their analysis.

Every business has a voice and every voice counts.