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The percentage of services (and non-services) involving cremated remains continues to increase.

And with that, the questions about what to do with the remains is also on the rise.

This Christman’s Chronicle covers some of the questions we have been dealing with. We hope this sharing of these issues is of help to you.

On the issue of scattering of ashes, the rules change depending on your requests.

If you are a property owner, for instance, and choose to scatter the cremated remains on your own property, there is no permission needed. It’s your property.

We’ve had families who love visiting National Parks. If this is the desired place, you check with the chief park ranger first and request a permit. The remains cannot be scattered over trails or other developed areas. Archeologically sensitive areas are also off limits.

Burial at sea is allowed. The remains can be scattered from a boat or plane but must be at lease three nautical miles for land. If the urn is dropped, it must be one that will decompose in the body of water.

No matter what your decision, I would recommend that you consider some kind of monument for the loved one. People need the option to go to a specific place to grieve. If the cremated remains are scattered somewhere, it is still a good idea to have a place to go for friends and family. The location of the monument can be discussed in a future Chronicle.