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Of all the services we experience with families who come to us, those involving death by suicide can be one of the most emotional of times. I can see it in the faces of friends and family in attendance.

We all need to be aware that suicide is preventable if you heed the warning signs of your loved one or close friend. There are suicide prevention hotlines and other professional resources to contact if you sense that someone close to you needs help.

I also find it disconcerting that there are websites and other resources out there that actually provide aid to people contemplating suicide. This has been reported by the media. It’s also something to be aware of, if you sense a friend is thinking about this.

Dealing with suicide prevention is not in my line of expertise, but dealing with it when it’s too late is something we do with compassion and understanding. We have great empathy for families who have to deal with this.

Let’s pray that we are never touched by suicide of a loved one.