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“Grief is the tax we pay on our attachments”

Thomas Lynch

This quote by renowned American poet, essayist and undertaker Thomas Lynch has stimulated my thinking for this Christman’s Chronicle.

The theme is grief and gratitude.

Grief is the natural response to the loss of a loved one. It can manifest itself in ways that are physical, social, cognitive, social, or spiritual ways. It is always personal. Many people need professional help to guide them through the grieving process. We can refer you to resources if the situation dictates it. There are many entries in our Christman’s Chronicles book on the topic of grief that people find useful. 

Gratitude is expressed in the Perfect Farewell service we create together. It is a true celebration of the life of your loved one. It is personalized for friends and family as a remembrance for a life well lived. We structure this service together, allowing you to rely on our experience to help you. 

Gratitude can also be shown over time. The ways this can be done are limited only by imagination –

  • Plant a tree as a memorial.
  • Volunteer at a charity he or she loved and supported. Or make donations.
  • Have an empty chair at holiday dinner tables and toast the memory of the loved one.
  • If you are athletic, run a race in his or her honor. 
  • If your loved one was cremated, there are many choices available for the remains to be preserved in a variety of keepsakes.

Yes, grief is the “tax,” but it is paid with love and remembrance to an unforgettable person who was an important part of your life. Celebrate as you remember. It can help.

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