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Without exaggeration, grief due to the loss of a loved one has been especially challenging, due to the added restrictions attached to living through the pandemic.

This adds extra importance to the future as we face this important role of determining how we can keep memories alive for the sake of the loved one’s legacy.

We have done some research on this topic to combine with the experience of dealing with literally thousands of families over the years. Here are a few suggestions we can share with you:

  • Was he or she a fan of movies? Get a group together and share an evening of seeing a favorite film together. This can stimulate some fun and soothing conversation.
  • If a solo experience is more to your liking, read one of his or her favorite books, and have a quiet, contemplative “conversation” about it. Good way of feeling close.
  • Thing about having custom items made as remembrance pieces. Your funeral director may be able to help with this one.
  • Plant a favorite tree or bush as a memorial. This can also be an opportunity to get friends and family together for a “dedication”. 
  • If quilting is a talent, an appropriate theme could be a quilt made from his or her clothing items,
  • If you have a writing talent, create a journal of time spent together or memories of favorite places visited or vacations places.

Get together and brainstorm, it can be like the loved one is still there.

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