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The common industry term for today’s topic is “pre-plan discussion”, but the reality is it does not set the stage properly for what really happens when we meet and talk about this very important topic – how you ultimately want to be remembered.

Our approach is simple, non-intimidating, and effective. You tell your story, we listen, and then we use our experience to create the Perfect Farewell service for you or your loved one. 

Your story includes input related to your family, your career, your passions, philosophy, anything, and everything that has defined you and your life. Our conversation is relaxed and informal. Every service we do celebrates the life in the best possible light, because the story is a true reflection of the person we honor.

You know your story better than anyone, and by taking this step now, you also   lift much of the responsibility and stress of planning from your immediate family. Nothing quite matches the stress that goes with planning a service ‘from scratch” when a loved one passes. 

Your storytelling initiative shows compassion and care.

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