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As we continue to adjust our lives to the fight against COVID-19, we need to stop and offer a heartfelt thanks to the many Americans who, in the face of personal risk, provide the services we need to sustain our lives.

Take the time to say a prayer of thanks to postal workers, first responders, grocery clerks, actually anyone who is taking the responsibility of serving others in the line of duty.

Building on that thought, I can’t think of a group more deserving of our thanks than the thousands who work in the health care profession. As the incidence of coronavirus cases mounts, none of these people have shied away from their responsibilities to serve people when help is needed most. It is truly a life and death endeavor each and every time they put on their scrubs.

Let’s view today as one day closer to a return to “normal” (we’ve all changed, so “new normal” is more appropriate).

Christman’s Funeral Home also continue to serve. We recommend you regularly visit our website – We are staying current with guidelines from the CDC, the National Federation on Funeral Directors Association (NFDA), and the State of Pennsylvania. It’s a valuable resource for you.

Take the time to thank someone in the service industry today. Mutual appreciation holds us together in these difficult times. Social distancing can’t stop it.

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