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How dare your loved one leave you. It makes you really angry.

In actuality, this feeling can be part of the healing process. The more you feel the anger, the more it will dissipate, and then the more you heal. Anger can be the most manageable emotion you experience.

Who bears the brunt at the beginning? It could be the doctor, your family, someone who fails to show up at the funeral, someone who is now “acting differently”, or even God.

Dig deeper and there it is, the pain of the loss. Not everyone feels angry, but many do. Just let it happen, and let it run its course. Very likely your friends and family will be supportive all along the way.

Rationally, we know that the deceased is not to blame. Emotionally, resentment may happen anyway. We may then feel guilty for feeling that way, and that could cause you to feel even more angry.

Once you come to grips with this, take the time to learn more. Ask your doctor to explain what happened in more detail. Grieving happens in different ways to different people. There is no time limit to any of it. But taking your time is good advice.

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