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A meaningful dialog with the families we deal with is extremely important to all concerned.

We deal with the loss of a loved one on a daily basis. And at that time, there is nothing more important than “getting it right” to create a service that expresses the true character of this special person in your life.

The process always begins with the inevitable question of “What do I do next?” and ends with our mutual goal of providing “the Perfect Farewell”.

Conversation ensues. We identify your wishes, and then apply our experience to make the service everything you hope it would be. Your requests are sometimes special (a yellow and god theme for a life-long Steelers fan comes to mind).

We have a proud history of creating services for military families, complete with military honors and interment at Fort Indiantown Gap.

There is a growing trend in cremation services. Your choices are varied. We can respond to special requests by keeping up with all available options. For instance, some families choose the Tree of Life. Cremated remains are mingled with seeds in a biodegradable urn and planted. A tree grows on the spot. For families concerned that they may move, they may choose a banzai tree in a special pot. The tree of life is then portable.

We recognize that it may seem easy to put off dealing with this topic. But when you are ready, we highly recommend a pre-planning discussion. You will ease the burden of leaving decisions to family members, lock in a guaranteed cost, and have a voice in your own Perfect Farewell.