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When the topic of “funeral arrangements” comes up, it is usually in connection of planning a Perfect Farewell service when the death of a loved one occurs. It is especially emotional when the service is planned “from scratch” because we must deal with grief, as well as the urgency to create a service that is both appropriate and meaningful. The pressure can be very stressful.

Now let us talk about you. More and more of you are accepting the inevitable, and creating an advance plan for your own funeral. 

The fact that you save your family members the stress of planning under pressure is reason enough to do this. But there are other good reasons for you to consider a no-obligation pre-planning discussion.

  • Financially practical – You are given specific costs for your service at the planning session. This allows you to determine how you will handle this obligation – either with an advance payment, or a budgeted over time plan. It relieves stress on your family in the process.
  • “I did it my way” – The song by Paul Anka, sung famously by Frank Sinatra, is a lesson in logical thinking. Planning a service that includes music, readings, homage to life achievements, and memories is all under your control. We all want to be remembered for key moments in our lives. This assures that it will be done “your way.”
  • Professional guidance – The pre-plan strategy allows your funeral director to work with you without the urgent pressure of a “standing start” when death occurs. There are written planning worksheets to work with, as well as the opportunity to get professional advice based on years of experience of serving families faced with every conceivable circumstance surrounding the loss of a loved one. 

It is understandable why people procrastinate when it comes to addressing their own mortality. However, the chances of achieving the “Perfect Farewell” are greatly enhanced when the decision is made to pre-plan the service.

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