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Serving a family following the loss of a loved one is something we do on a regular basis. Nothing is more important than gathering information about the person so that we can create a service that expresses the true character of the deceased.

The process always begins with the inevitable question, “What do I do next?” It ends with our mutual goal of providing The Perfect Farewell.

We identify your wishes, and then apply our experience to make the service everything that reflects your loved one’s persona. It could be something personal, such as a black and gold arrangement for a Pittsburgh Steelers fan. We can also create a service that reflects the life of a veteran.

This includes military honors at a national or a private cemetery. We have a proud tradition serving military families.

Cremation services are a growing trend and can be filled with countless personalization options. For example, some families choose the living memorial. It can be used as an option that allows for the planting of a biodegradable urn mingled with a tree seed to allow growth of your favorite tree. An indoor bonsai tree urn or pendants on a necklace are among other available keepsakes too.

The number of selections that that reflect the person can be endless. Personalization is the key to make The Perfect Farewell, even during the challenges of Covid-19, which has included limited attendance at services. Families have faced the difficult task of deciding who can be at the service. We offset that problem by livestreaming, so other friends and family can experience the service simultaneously. We have all adjusted as needed.

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