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For many people this seems like a “dumb” question, but there are people who prefer no funeral service at all when someone close passes. We make it our business to listen to our callers or visitors, then share advice and direction to make sure the requests are handled appropriately.

The last thing I will ever be is someone who is trying to “sell” you something. My role is to serve and direct, and ease your burden in any way I can. Experience is important.

In the case of someone who specifically requests “no funeral service”, we review the situation carefully with you, and come to a conclusion that satisfies your wishes and/or the wishes of the deceased. This could involve direct cremation or burial, or understanding and resolving other special requests

There is a TV commercial spokesman who touts “We know a thing or two because we’ve seen a thing or two” for his insurance company. In a very real sense, we apply our experience in much the same way on your behalf.

No service? No problem.