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Every life lived is full of stories that resonate with the personality of the deceased. A true “perfect farewell” as we try to achieve with every service we prepare for a loved one, has an element that is common in all of them – stories and someone or a small group of friends or family members who can share those special moments with everyone in attendance. 

This act of storytelling, when told with compassion, humor and respect, can have the effect of sharing the personality and spirit of the honored life in an uplifting and special way to all who attend the service,  has a positive effect, even on  casual acquaintances. 

The plan always starts with the interview at the beginning. It is important for us to learn about the loved one at a personal level, so the story rings true to the real person we celebrate.

We ask questions like 

  • What are the loved one’s favorite colors or flowers for the arrangements?
  • Were there hobbies, memberships in organizations, special activities?
  • Songs or special music for the service?

We also help you determine who is the best person to lead the storytelling at the ceremony. Sometimes this means finding a close friend outside the immediate family unit. In addition to the stories, we help you determine things like the right readings and the most appropriate music. The whole is always the sum of the parts.

All of this reflects on us as well. We always strive to serve you in a meaningful way by providing an experience that will be remembered fondly long after the day of the funeral has passed.

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