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My name is Ed Krebs and I’m a candidate for the 48th Senate District Special Election being held on May 18. When casting your vote by mail this week or at the polls, please consider my experience and background.

As an Independent, a moderate and a consensus builder, I am confident that I can engage other Senators as well as Representatives in problem solving, bipartisan efforts. Crossing Party lines to work out compromises that are practical and timely solutions is what the citizens expect of their elected officials. Recently, a legislator commented to me that “the moderates are hiding in the weeds”. These are the men and women who can build the bridge between the Democrat and Republican members in the Senate and in the House.

Having served on the Subcommittee of Higher Education and appointed by Speaker Ryan to take charge of a commission that was exploring how to reduce the cost of higher education at the end of my last term, I am prepared to develop ways to address community college and SSHE educational and career opportunities no matter where Pennsylvanians live.

When in the Pennsylvania House, I witnessed how money influenced the voting agenda of the Majority Party Caucus, and how each Caucus leadership tried to make the other party’s members cast votes that would weaken them in the next election cycle. Neither Caucus leadership liked the idea of giving members and the public more time to read bills before passage. Policy making to solve problems wasn’t a priority. Nothing has changed. I need no learning curve and will work full time to grapple with the tough decisions to improve Pennsylvanians’ lives and strengthen the economic sectors which have been damaged by the COVID-19 pandemic. I will not seek re election. Next year, the voters will have the opportunity to select their party candidates. Learn more at