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Palmyra voices need to be making the decisions for Palmyra students. Simply stated, that’s why I’m running as a candidate for the PASD (Palmyra’s Awesome School District).

Over the last year, I’ve become increasingly concerned about the toxic politicization of the school board and the negative downstream effects on our students.

School Board Director isn’t an inherently partisan position; in fact, many candidates run on both sides of the ballot. What we’ve seen in the past is candidates who want to use their position as a means to advance their own political career, often at the expense of our children. There is no place for negative campaigning in our school board elections. The people running are neighbors, they live in our community and among us.

I’m not running to push a political agenda, my priority is making sure our students can thrive and find success once they graduate. A board member needs to be flexible and adaptable to the environment the district finds itself in at the moment. I’m not running on a platform of inflexible pledges to various constituencies in hopes they’ll vote for me. I’m running because I think Palmyra students and the Palmyra community are best served with Palmyra voices.

I hope that is a quality you are looking for in a local school board candidate. I look forward to meeting with you and discussing the issues facing our school district. For more information, please check out my candidate page on Facebook or email me at I appreciate you giving me the opportunity to earn your vote on May 18.