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On October 22, the Lebanon County Democratic Party filed a complaint and request for investigation with the Lebanon County Board of Elections and State Attorney General’s office concerning Cornwall Borough mayor Mark Thomas, who failed to file mandatory financial reports along with a political group called Four…4 Cornwall. It was stated that he likely committed several campaign finance violations in his bid for re-election.

In response to our complaint, it was reported by WLBR that Thomas stated that
“My paperwork is in order” followed by several comments questioning his opponent’s position on unrelated issues. The Lebanon Democratic Party filed the complaint after several requests over six days of the Voter Registration Office to produce the required reports.

Several hours after Mark Thomas’ response that his “paperwork is in order”, Thomas and members of Four…4 Cornwall, were contacted by Voter Registration to complete the required registration and authorizations so that Thomas could continue his campaign for mayor.

Now that Four…4 Cornwall and Thomas’ registration and financial forms are completed, and commensurate fines assessed and paid, Mark Thomas is eligible to remain on the ballot for the November 2, election.

The Lebanon County Democratic Party is still pursuing its complaint and request for an investigation of Four…4 Cornwall and Mark Thomas with the state Attorney General’s office since the legitimacy of the political committee is still in question.

Voters of Cornwall Borough must reflect upon this lack of competence, humility, candor, and the overall ineptitude of the current mayor and his supporters who mishandled simple procedural and financial guidelines while running for office.

On Nov. 2, Cornwall voters will decide who they want to represent them as Mayor of Cornwall. The choice seems to be clear that if the citizens want a competent, qualified leader who is pledged to preserve and protect Cornwall’s rich historic heritage and show respect for ALL Cornwall citizens then Catherine “Cavi” Miller is the obvious choice.

Vote on November 2, for Catherine Miller for Cornwall Mayor.

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