This post is paid advertising by Lebanon Federal Credit Union.

Do you want a chance to win some extra cash?

Not only does LFCU assist their members with their banking needs, but they also want to give their members the opportunity to win some extra cash!

Lebanon FCU is partnering with Froggy Valley 100.1 with their “Dollar Bill Game.” Throughout April, Froggy Valley 100.1 listeners have a chance to win cash if their U.S. Treasury Bill has 1, 0, 0, 1, in the serial number in any order. Froggy Valley will be giving away $50, 2 times a day!  When you hear the sounder, be caller No. 10 at (717) 273-3636 and be prepared to read off the serial number of your dollar bill. Upon verification of a 1, 0, 0, 1 in the serial number, you will win $50.

So, tune in to Froggy Valley 100.1 for more details and your chance to win. Support local and listen to Froggy Valley 100.1. ?