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911 Rapid Response was started in 2007 by Mark A. Sallada who is still currently the sole owner. 911 Rapid Response has always remained and still remains a premiere upfitter in the emergency and construction industry of warning lights, sirens, cages, computers and other vehicle equipment. 911 Rapid Response is the only company like it in the world. Over the years the business has vastly grown without investors or other business partners. The company still operates today the same as it did back in 2007 by putting its customers and employees first just in a much larger fashion. As the years progressed so did the business platforms. Mark.It Graphics offers vehicle and business vinyl graphics for anyone. 911 Just Box.It builds customized rear organizers for public safety vehicles. Homeland Outfitters has been recently introduced as the retail division which offers tactical gear, uniforms, safety, firearms and other consumer items all open to the public.

Vengeant Apparatus, an added division, introduced in 2018 was started by using 911 Rapid Response as the backbone for the electrical upfitting department. The fabrication of fire and other specialty vehicles was something never in the company profile. In 2018 another facility was added and was equipped with the proper tooling, machinery and employees to start its long term success. The business was built with passion and end results that just dominates the competition.

The extreme growth has led to another major expansion for 2022. A new facility will be constructed in recently acquired land located to the west of the current facilities. This new building will be utilized for fabrication allowing the current areas to expand its production. The new facility will be equipped with a 65 foot indoor paint booth, overhead bridge cranes, 2 floors, offices and other areas of need. It will be an astonishing 200 feet wide, 25 feet wider than what 911 Rapid Response is now.

Today Vengeant Apparatus & 911 Rapid Response has multiple vehicles in many states including California, Hawaii and Florida. Utility trucks, brush trucks, mini pumpers, rescues and more. It currently has a dealership network which includes over 75 sales staff located over the United States. The new facility will allow larger commercial applications such as larger pumpers, command centers, rescues, tankers and other large scope projects.

The new facility is planned to be operating in August 2022. If you never stopped in and viewed the Homeland Outfitters showroom or took a full facility tour, you’re missing out.