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My name is Ed Krebs and I will appreciate your vote of support for the 48th Senate District Special Election being held on May 18th.

Perhaps, you are voting by mail as are thousands of voters in the Senate District.

I was born and raised in Lebanon County. I was a farmer, an educator and had the good fortune of being elected to the Pennsylvania House where I served for 12 years.

The threat to our democracy on January 6th forced me to reconsider my retirement from politics. My father fought and died in W.W.II to save democracy. With the tragic death of Senator Arnold, I felt compelled to reenter public service if the voters want me.

I know that I can use my legislative experience to have an impact on day one. There are only 18 months left in this Senate term.

Within the next few weeks, the Senate will act on the budget, amend the voting law, decide how to fund improvement of roads and bridges. Reapportionment of the state legislative and congressional districts will be decided later this year for the next decade.

Experience does matter. I believe that I can make a positive contribution to build consensus and get the work done for the betterment of Pennsylvanians’ lives today and in the future.

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