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First-time author Alisher Aminov publishes “The Human Element of Politics,” a book that details the interworking of local politics and seeks to humanize the partisan aspect of modern political landscape.

The “Human Elements of Politics” is a 151-page book that chronologies the 2021 municipal election cycle from the perspective of a political newcomer, Alisher Aminov.

In the book, Aminov details the months leading up to his campaign, the thought process which went into it, and a step-by-step retelling of his political experience.

While the book draws from his personal experiences, the primary message focuses more on the human aspects of the process. Aminov writes that in an era of political showmanship and partisanism, local politics often get caught up in the crossfire of the state and national level when it simply does not have to.

Aminov discusses his successes, failures, lessons learned, and struggles along the way while also focusing on the individuals who provided him strength and support during the campaign process.

Despite being set in Aminov’s hometown of Lebanon, Pennsylvania, the topics discussed throughout apply to politics universally, and the experiences shared can be appreciated by all.

Immediately after its publication through Kindle Direct Publishing (a subsidiary of Amazon), the book became the #1 new release in the category of political advocacy.

Reviews from purchasers:

Aminov does an excellent job of exploring the personal and political challenges of a local campaign and its relation to the broader political landscape while expounding on the relationships, connections and experiences that shaped him during his journey.

Derrik – “A Unique View Into the Nuances of Local Politics”

Is this “hope” I am feeling? After reading Alisher Aminov’s new book “The Human Element of Politics” this jaded, cynical Gen-Xer – a political junkie in the 80’s, social activist in the 90’s, and fence-sitter in the present – this just might be hope I am feeling for the coming generation of political leaders. It’s about time a passionate Gen-Z voice speaks up for the true “silent majority,” the millions of those indifferent for in the political middle at best. They are unwilling to accept the trite realities of dealing with one party or another. It’s time for reasonable pragmatism to take the reins in political discourse. This is most evident in the reading of his book, an unvarnished and humble accounting of getting one’s foot in the door of the political machine. He proves tenacity and hard work can make up for the lack of connections and contributions. It gives me comfort to know that there are still those willing to put in the effort to solve society’s seemingly intractable problems. I’m sure this isn’t the last we’ll hear of Alisher Aminov.

Shyla – “Is This Hope?”

The lessons learned relate to all citizens who live and interact with our political system.


Aminov provides important observations on American politics today as viewed from a local candidate’s experiences that can be seen in almost every community across America. The lessons learned relate to all citizens who live and interact with our political system. The struggle of an Independent candidate to keep a common-sense view of what government should be is illustrated with real-life examples that can guide many young voters’ thinking about how to make a difference when engaging in today’s political culture. It is an insightful and interesting read that will engage the reader who cares about our country’s political future and local political system. It defines a perspective on what public work and local government should be…

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