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Recent political rhetoric by a number of elected politicians at all levels of government surrounding the 2020 presidential election culminated in the violent insurrection attempt at our nation’s capitol on January 6. These politicians include Lebanon County’s own elected representatives who have questioned and opposed Pennsylvania’s election results and continue to contribute to the local and national denial of the legitimacy of the 2020 election.

Every American who truly cares about our country and the democratic system must have been alarmed, but not surprised, at the eruption of violence on display in Washington. Continued unfounded and false attacks on the election results, especially the results in Pennsylvania, are disruptive and destructive to our nation’s democratic beliefs and an insult to the integrity of our election officials.

While our local leaders may have condemned the violence that erupted at the US Capitol after Trump incited his mob to storm the building, they have failed to acknowledge their contribution to partisan anger by continuously questioning a fair and secure election and refusing to acknowledge how Trump incited it. State Senator David Arnold used a false “both sides” argument to equate Tuesday’s thuggery with the Black Lives Matter protests over the summer. As Mitt Romney said on the floor of the US Senate, they should respect their constituents “by telling them the truth.” We know it will be difficult for them to admit that we had a fair election and there is no evidence of fraud after they have fanned the baseless flames of fraud and it is not what their supporters want to hear. Regardless, it is their responsibility as leaders to be honest with their constituents.

Judges have thrown out 62 lawsuits filed by Trump and his allies against the election for lack of evidence. Even Trump’s hand-picked Supreme Court has refused to hear the baseless claims. His attorney general William Barr said there was no fraud. All ten former defense secretaries said it was a fair election. Every election official in the country said it was secure. Votes have been counted and recounted and recounted again.

We are calling on all our local elected officials, especially US Congressman Dan Meuser, state senator Dave Arnold and state representatives Frank Ryan and Russ Diamond, to publicly state that Joe Biden’s election was legitimate, and they will fulfill their oath of office and support him as our next president. Now is the time to step up and tell the truth about our elections and to save our democracy.