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Those impacted greatly by the YMCA through the years have many stories to tell of those that mentored, led, and touched their lives. It is this history that has shaped what the YMCA is today.

“Giving Back: The History of the Lebanon Valley Family YMCA” takes you on a journey through the successful and great times the YMCA experienced, but also sheds light on the challenges faced and all those challenges that were overcome.

This could not have happened without the focused and driven volunteers and leaders that experienced all the great things the Y had to offer at different times in their own lives. One of the most impactful aspects of the Y’s heritage is how the Y took the lead regarding women and made sure they were able to participate in activities that were once deemed only for men.

That is part of the magic behind the success of the YMCA, as author Brad Charles learned throughout his research. For generations, the Lebanon YMCA has excelled at identifying and supporting adult mentors who have impacted the lives of children and youth in Lebanon. Over time, the young individuals who were touched became adults who valued their experiences so deeply that they then gave back in their time to mentor and lead children and youth at the YMCA. It is with this kind of passion and commitment that the Lebanon Y continues to be such an asset to the Lebanon community.

The Lebanon YMCA cannot thank Brad Charles enough for his time and commitment to completing this historic compilation of beautiful stories about the YMCA. Brad has given so generously of his time, spending countless hours researching, interviewing, and writing without receiving any compensation. Brad Charles is a great example of the level of passion and commitment held by so many in the history of the YMCA.

It is my hope that all these positive lessons learned from history can help guide the Lebanon YMCA to an even more successful future.

Brad Charles

To get your copy of the book, come to the YMCA membership desk (201 N 7th Street).