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We have a very important election in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania on May 18. In addition to the Municipal Primary elections, there will also be multiple ballot questions on amending our Pennsylvania Constitution. Additionally, a special election to replace our late State Senator Dave Arnold will also be on the ballot. This means that all registered voters, regardless of party registration affiliation, can vote on May 18.

However, it is a sad state of affairs when our state government is deliberately trying to confuse voters on election day. Make no mistake, Governor Wolf ordered the Department of State to intentionally write the first two ballot questions in a complicated and convoluted manner in order to trick voters so that they vote no and he can continue his reign of tyranny. The Governor has misused his Emergency Powers by continually renewing them and unilaterally issuing unconstitutional mandates. The Pennsylvania Constitution is very clear: for a law to be created it must originate as a bill in the General Assembly, not the Governor’s desk!

To remedy this situation, let me explain, in plain language what a YES vote will do:

● If you vote YES to the first constitutional amendment ballot question you will change the Emergency Declaration of 1978 to allow the Pennsylvania House and Senate, by a majority vote, to end the Governor’s Declaration of Emergency.

● If you vote YES to the second constitutional amendment ballot question you will allow a Governor’s Declaration of Emergency to expire after 21 days unless the Pennsylvania House and Senate, by a simple majority vote, agree to an extension. Currently, the Governor can issue an Emergency Declaration for 90 days and it can be extended continuously by the Governor’s office without any oversight.

In addition to voting for me on May 18th, I urge you to vote YES to the first and second ballot questions regarding amending the Pennsylvania Constitution. This will be a crucial blow in the fight to stop Governor Wolf’s blatant abuse of his emergency powers which have shut down businesses and schools across the Commonwealth.

Chris Gebhard is the Republican nominee for the Special Election for Senate District 48 on May 18. Senate District 48 is comprised of all of Lebanon County and parts of Dauphin and York counties.