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Fall is upon us, and students will be back in the classroom before you know it. This is always an exciting time for Lebanon Federal Credit Union as they join forces with area schools teaching a financial literacy program called “Banzai”.

Banzai is a two-week, online program implemented in each school’s business/finance classes. Banzai Junior is for elementary students, Banazi Teen is for middle school students and Banzai Plus is for high school students. There are four steps to complete the course. The first is a pre-test to gauge students’ initial level of understanding, followed by students working through life scenarios introducing them to the curriculum. The students then play a game of real-life simulation where they apply what they learned, making various tradeoffs and decisions to reach their end goal of saving $2,000 for college. Then a post-test is administered, and students receive a certificate upon passing.

This program is geared to help students towards managing their own money by use of a budget and knowing the ins and outs of a bank account.

Students through-out Lebanon County will now be prepared for financial challenges the real world can bring through the nationwide, award-winning Banzai program. Banzai is the best in online financial education and has taught millions of students real world finance!

The program kickoff:

Once schools sign up for the free online financial literacy program, Wendy Kalbach, VP of Community and Business Development for Lebanon Federal Credit Union, will reach out to the teacher and meet with them to go over the course. Wendy will then go into the classrooms to talk about some general banking items such as the differences between a bank and a credit union, how credit unions are community oriented and how you become a member, and about LFCU’s services. In addition, she also talks to them about the differences between a debit and credit card, budgeting, and many other things.

Once students complete the program, they are offered a free savings account at Lebanon Federal Credit Union!

If you are a Lebanon County teacher who would like more information on the Banzai Program offered by Lebanon Federal Credit Union or to sign up, simply visit

LFCU is NCUA Insured.

You are eligible to join LFCU if you live, work, worship or attend school in Lebanon County. You are also eligible to join if you have an immediate family member who lives, works, worships, or attends school in Lebanon County.