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My Republican opponent published an article in which he again tries to garner support his plan to repeal of Act 77. He preaches the need for common sense in Harrisburg. Now, if he would only practice what he preaches. Act 77 is a good law in premise but has some provisions that need to be reformed.

Voting is one of the most esteemed American privileges. All Americans who want to vote, should be allowed to vote with ease and the security of knowing that their vote is counted fairly. Act 77 enfranchised more voters in all the history of Pennsylvania. Modifications to the act will allow for tighter controls and a speedier accounting process.

Moving the deadline for voter registration to 30 days before the election and signing up for a mail-in ballot to 15 days before the election allows for a more sensible processing time. Adding pre-canvassing of mail-in ballots allows for speedy tabulation on Election Day. (Pre-canvassing is removing from the envelope and preparing for counting under security.)

Let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water. We can be an “easy to vote hard to cheat state.” Our goal should be to get all America to the polls.

Fifty-eight of the 67 countries in PA are controlled by Republicans. All counties reported and certified valid and fair elections including the 58 that are Republican controlled. Time to stop the “big lie.”

Voter ID you say? Okay, but we must be prepared to provide every voter with a free ID or it’s a poll tax. We are not Georgia and not okay with Jim Crow 2.0.

My opponent is just wrong to support repeal of Act 77. He is just wrong for this job. I agree that common sense is in short supply in Harrisburg but feeding “red meat” to the base is not a demonstration of common sense or leadership. No, it’s just more of the same old agenda based gibberish.