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State Rep. Frank Ryan has successfully led an effort to freeze the salaries of state government officials for a year.

A bill sponsored by Rep. Ryan and signed by Gov. Wolf allows no cost of living adjustments for designated employees from Dec. 1 through Nov. 30, 2021. Those employees include members of the General Assembly, the governor, lieutenant governor, treasurer, attorney general, auditor general, heads of departments, members of boards and commissions, and the judiciary.

Earlier this year, House Republicans froze hiring and employee salaries for its caucus.

“A pay freeze for government officials is absolutely appropriate right now with so many families and businesses struggling just to make ends meet during this pandemic,” said Rep. Ryan.

“The pandemic has seriously reduced state revenues, which will squeeze our budgets for years to come. More than ever, shared sacrifices are necessary to restore financial stability to the Commonwealth and its citizens.

“As a CPA (certified public accountant) who has worked a lifetime to keep organizations out of bankruptcy, I am clear that this bill is only a first step on a long road to get state spending under control as we tackle the budget crisis facing us in November and again next year. We have much more work to do.”

Rep. Ryan, who is seeking a third term in the Nov. 3 election, added that over the longer term the state legislature needed reforms to make itself more economical and effective.

“Some say the legislature should be smaller. However, I believe that would only make legislators less accessible and accountable by increasing the number of people each one represents. I favor making legislators part-time positions and substantially decreasing their salaries.”

The 101st district includes the city of Lebanon; the boroughs of Cornwall, Mount Gretna and Palmyra; and the townships of North Cornwall, West Cornwall, North Londonderry, South Londonderry and South Annville.