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Recent posts by certain Republican advertisers in LebTown would lead one to believe that continuing to have a Republican majority in the County Commissioner’s office this election would ensure superior performance and make Lebanon County “Stronger, Safer and Smarter”. If that is true then we need to take a quick review of the performance they have provided over the past few decades as they have had the majority vote and make the decisions at the county and city levels.

It was the Republican commissioners who delayed property reassessment for years, resulting in a lawsuit and property tax increases for many residents in 2012. It was the Republican commissioners who refused to pay pension obligations for county workers. It was the Republican commissioners who refused to implement any tax adjustments, forcing the county to the brink of bankruptcy resulting in a 32% tax increase. And it was the two Republican county commissioners who approved the sale of Cedar Haven to bail themselves out of the financial quagmire that was created through years of mismanagement.

The county still holds a $7.2 million budget reserve (from the sale of Cedar Haven) while taxpayers continue to pay the 32% tax property increase that was supposedly needed to sustain the county.

The areas of progress that are claimed to have been achieved by the Republican administration were primarily advanced and championed by the minority Democratic commissioner who has fought ardently for the completion of the Rail Trail and a modern 911 center for the county as well as alternative and less expensive ways to monitor and maintain our county prison system.

The Republican Party in Lebanon continues to allow a small group of individuals to dictate and manipulate elections to their own personal benefit. The Party leadership insures that their handpicked candidates are indebted to them and political attacks against opponents have become commonplace and embarrassing in Lebanon elections. Somehow the concept of honest elected officials serving the community was lost to the idea of gaining power and passing out political favors to friends and family regardless of qualifications or experience.

Lebanon voters need to remember that we do have a choice. The Democratic Party is made up of citizens who are your neighbors, who care about honest and transparent government, helping others, protecting our environment and believe in public service for the people in Lebanon. It’s time to move Lebanon forward and to allow other voices to be heard.

Vote Democratic on November 5.


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