Lebanon County’s celebrity landscape got radically remade this holiday season with Christian Pulisic’s acquisition of a property in Lebanon County.

Yes, Lebanon has had athletes before, but none that commanded a $50m+ transfer fee as Pulisic’s imminent move to Chelsea FC has been reported to have involved, and none in soccer, the closest thing we have to a global sport.

Update 10:30am: As a reader points out, the $57m figure isn’t Pulisic’s salary but the transfer fee that the club would pay to Pulisic’s current employer, Borussia Dortmund, to buy out his contract. Pulisic’s actual compensation is much lower, although he also has endorsement deals, such as the one with The Hershey Company. We have updated the above paragraph to clarify this.

In other words: Expect sightings of Pulisic to be treated with increasing excitement by Lebanon Countians. While the inherited discretion of the Pennsylvania Dutch will serve the Pulisic family well, there are a lot of people who are going to be very excited to spot the man widely considered to be the best American soccer player.

One such sighting occurred on December 28 at the Sheetz located at the corner of Route 72 and Rocherty Road.

Not everyone recognizes Pulisic yet, though. As the text accompanying the above photo noted, the workers at Sheetz did not appear to be aware that they were serving a superstar. It was not clear what Pulisic ordered, although if he needs recommendations we enjoy the turkey melt on a pretzel roll.

Pulisic was also spotted at a local church, which we are not identifying as a measure to protect the family’s privacy. His love of MTO, however, we think deserves to be public knowledge.

Did you spot Christian around town this holiday season? Let us know in the comments, or drop us an email!

Picture used with permission of Perlita Cordova Hains.