We’ve got a few more details about the plan for reopening Tabor Church, specifically regarding the organ and overflow parking plans.

The historic Tabor Church at 124 S. 10th Street is currently undergoing a $1.2 million renovation by Lancaster-based Lives Changed By Christ (LCBC).

More information and pictures are available on our previous post.

We followed up with campus pastor Matt Stoltzfus to ask about plans for the organ and overflow parking.

First, the organ. Yes, it’s beautiful; yes, it works; and yes, organs aren’t the most straightforward match for LCBC’s brand of contemporary Christianity. But Stoltzfus is excited by the challenge, and expects the instrument will be put into use for special events. “We are really hoping to incorporate the organ into our services, but LCBC has not used an organ for quite some time, ” he said via email.

“It won’t be on a regular basis but more likely on special weekends.” Stoltzfus has identified a parishioner that plays that organ but they haven’t discussed it as a commitment yet. If this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for, it might be worth sending him an email touting your pipe-playing abilities.

Second, overflow parking is under control, as Stoltzfus noted it was their greatest concern about the location. Overflow parking will be available at:

  • Albright Life (113 S 9th St)
  • Lebanon Farmers Market (35 S 8th St)
  • Developmental & Disability Services (1126 Walnut St)

Here’s a map of LCBC’s parking plan for the area.

When opened on April 7, Lebanon will be the 14th location for the church.