Talking about Jesus? It’s just not done. Not in most newspapers these days.

The Daily News’ editorial today? Trump wages war on accountability.

Lancaster Newspapers ran an argument for more transparency from the state Department of Health on COVID-19 case data. We agree.

The Patriot-News has a nice feature on how Harrisburg area churches and synagogues are recognizing Easter and Passover without being able to convene in person, and a letter from the editor about a PennLive reporter named to Editor & Publisher’s 25 under 35 list.

The Inquirer came closest, asking us to reflect on the “renewal and rebirth” of Passover and Easter, but nary a “Jesus” mention to be seen.

I hope you’ve come to realize that LebTown does things differently. I’ve told you before, we’ll only write an editorial if we feel there’s something we’re not able to report. In this case, my mere act of writing resolves the impediment. This editorial is an affirmation.

Fact-based and non-partisan. That’s our promise to you. On this Easter, we offer no different.

Jesus was a historical figure. Named Yeshua, or “Joshua” in English, his gospel stands on its own, no matter whether you consider him a Messianic figure. Jesus, a Jew, preached of love and forgiveness. He developed disciples. He annoyed Romans. He lived and died.

His teachings underlie the best of American values. Of course the most Christ-like government would be one that doesn’t require belief in Christ himself. Like the blind men and the elephant, we must recognize that there might be more in common to the world’s religions than we can grasp.

It’s in times of peril that we must be most steadfast to our values. This national shutdown has taken us all out of our comfort zones. Public discourse is likely to get, stupendously, even more rancorous in the weeks and months to come. Not only is the question of when and how we reopen the economy one of unparalleled consequence in its economic and public health implications, but we’re roaring towards a presidential election in a more polarized media environment than any other in modern times.

On this Easter Sunday, I am taking time to reflect on Jesus’ teachings and think about how I can more genuinely live his gospel. I hope you have the chance to do the same. I’m writing this to let you know, it’s okay to talk about Jesus. He is with us, and his message lives on.

Thank you for reading LebTown. I hope you and your family have a blessed day.

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