Lebanon County real estate transfers (Nov. 1 to Nov. 15)

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Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County.

Annville Township


926 East Maple Street
Olive A. and Steven W. Graaf to Zacharie and Abigail M. Smith for $193,000.

411 East Maple Street
John F. and John F. Brennen Sr., Sally S. Owens Estate to Greenview LLC for $155,000.

Bethel Township

173 Elk Drive Lot 64
Ray and Susan Weaver to Darryl L. and Alta L. Weaver for $200,000.

108 Melanie Drive Lot 17
Anthony Lentini to Brett K. and Nicole L. Sattazahn for $240,000.

1, 2, and 3 Poplar Street Lots 1, 2, and 3
Thomas and Robin Weekley to Cold Springs Rental LLC for $35,000.

108 Locust Avenue
Lester and Geraldine L. Morris to U.S. Bank National Association for $4,445.


City of Lebanon

211 East Walnut Street Lot 151
Lee E. and Linda L. Clawser to Stephanie W. and Christopher OHara for $150,000.

229 Walnut Street
Pamela J. Rittle to Pamela J. Rittle, Jennifer L. Moyer for $1.

118 South Eighth Street
Cynthia and Michael Mangano to Christopher Houck for $90,000.

336 East Weidman Street
Jose L. Cruz to Felix J. T. Cruz for $114,900.

729 North Third Avenue
Nicholas E. Ceresini to Manwell M. and Elizabeth Cotto for $135,000.

315 Federal Street
Scott A. Moyer to Alexander L. Clinton for $55,000.

1300 Maple Street
Christ Presbyterian Church of Lebanon to True Life Youth Ministries for $1.

217 Weidman Street
Celestine and Agueda G. Smith to Carlos S. Marte for $75,000.

205 South 2nd Street
Iron Stone Group LLC to Miriam B. Bernadeau for $110,000.

310 Seventh Street
Charles Geier, Thomas Mallilo, John Duckworth to Willow Point Homes LLC for $65,000.

111 East Weidman Street
Ivan and Shawn D. Skelly to Chad Patches for $115,000.

60 North 14th Street
Charter Property Solutions to Mildred D. Tirado for $86,500.

1007 Cumberland Street
Meson Casas to Jeffrey N. Perez, Wildaliz S. Ocasio, Amaury Abreu for $135,000.

220 East Mifflin Street
Frank D. and Xiomarie A. Tomecek Jr. to Agustina Nivar for $62,000.

320 East Lehman Street
Bernard D. Shepp to Thomas D. and Dana M. Eberly for $265,000.

315 Weidman Street
MRI Properties LLC to Micrubell Services LLC for $65,000.

131, 133, and 137 South 8th Street
Susquehanna Valley Pregnancy Services to Align Life Ministries for $10.

619 South 6th Street
Marilyn J. Gundrum Estate, Molly Gundrum Estate, Jill L. Heagy to Hunter Warnick, Stephen A. Ulkowski for $152,000.

306 Canal Street
Gary L. Landis to Anthony I. and Rachel E. Martin for $110,000.

931 Hauck Street
Sean Kreiser to Austin Graham, Anita Murphy for $175,000.

219 Walnut Street
Eipril M. M. Sanchez to Michael A. Martin for $71,400.

231 Walnut Street
MPL Homebuyers LLC to Juan and Maria D. Suarez for $88,000.

409 North Eighth Street
Maria M. Mejia to Maria M. and Jose Mejia for $1.

264 South 6th Street
Bennett A. and Loretta V. Moyer to Pauline Modica for $95,000.

1028 Orchard Avenue
Lynn M. Campbell to Janet D. Heiser for $38,000.

Cleona Borough


103 and 105 North Center Street
Wood Wise Holdings to Paul P. Stoltz for $50,000.

200 South Center Street
John and Kimberly Cacchiani to James C. Miller Jr. for $113,000.

108 South Mill Street Lot 27
Tony R. and Jaleesa L. Knight to Michael S. and Amy J. Hoffa for $145,000.

420 West Chestnut Street
Jordan and Jamie Ebersole to Esteban J. Marrero for $144,900.

Cornwall Borough

323 Boyd Street Lot 25
Gary L. Holsopple to Geraldine M. Orr for $137,500.

1227 Mosaic Drive Unit 393
Cornwall Associates LP, Alden Homes at Cornwall Inc. to John R. and Barbara A. Musheno for $478,855.

102 Short Street Lot 114A
Mark L. Brandt to Mark L. Brandt for $1.

131 Juniper Street Lot 14
Nicholas L. and Michelle M. Lambros to Raymond and Karen Krueger, Judith A. Sics for $285,000.

1003 English Drive
Charles L. Saylor Jr., Judy M. Fuhrman to Denise K. Chamberlain, Matthew A. Merritt for $225,200.

1239 Mosaic Drive Unit 387
Cornwall Associates LP, Alden Homes at Cornwall Inc. to Dennis Flickinger for $416,609.

1203 Ash Lane
Scott A. and Carol L. Transue to John and Holly Radzik for $360,000.

634 Aspen Lane Lot 146
Jordan A. and Trista A. Gardner to William G. and Jennifer E. Hardebeck for $396,000.

106 Store Lane
Ronald M. Dechert to Ronald M. Dechert, Danielle E. Crockett for $1.

318 Pamela Lane Lot 67
Jeffrey A. Schwartz to Hayden S. Billings for $158,500.


East Hanover Township

24, 25, and 26 Lincoln School Road
Carmine L. and Jessica Petrozziello III to Matthew D. and Danielle A. Kreiser for $157,500.

10 Bullfrog Road Lot 1
Brenda L. Houser to Kathy J. Hand for $340,000.

10289 Jonestown Road
Steven and Anthony Viozzi to Steven Viozzi for $1.

N Of Mountain Road
Kenneth D., Karl M., and Keith B. Bohr to David and Aaron Jockers for $41,381.

Heidelberg Township

220 Duquesne Drive Lot 26 Etc.
Michael W. and Diane F. Yoder to Douglas M. Ritts, Lisa K. Baron for $325,000.

115 Weidman Road
Thomas R. and Connie J. Ulrich to Jeremy M. and Kelly J. Ulrich for $350,000.

324 South Market Street
Christopher L., Mabel J., Randall J., and Norman L. Wine to Norman L. Wine for $1.

410 Oak Street Lot 2
Bachleda Properties to Matthew and Kimberly L. Newhouse for $185,000.

200 South Lancaster Avenue Part of Lot 25
Donna J. Light to David K. Drummand for $124,500.

2501 Prescott Road
John E. Moyer to Carol A. Papson, Donna M. Karli, John J. Moyer, Suzanne L. Peffley, Daniel L. Moyer for $1.


Jackson Township

556 West Main Avenue
Raymond K. and Sue A. Sims to Raymond K. Sims for $1.

406 Abbey Drive Lot 228
Seth and Lindsey M. Dimond to Seth and Lindsey M. Dimond for $0.

47 Gable Drive
Ann M. Yeagley to Darrin C. and Michelle L. Giorgio for $172,000.

NS Jonathan Drive Rear of Lots 38 and 39
Jeffrey M. and Debra I. Marks to Debra M. Weihs for $1.

208 West McKinley Avenue Lot 122
Annamae Ondrusek, William C. Novak, Nancy J. Perrotti to Cheryl Harris for $190,000.

334 Yeagley Road Lot 10
Robert L. Brocklehurst Revocable Trust, David Brocklehurst to Kim DeLa Paz for $213,000.

218 West Jackson Avenue
Stella S. Heim to Seth D. Keefer for $115,000.

371 Yeagley Road
Nolt Family Trust, Nelson B. and Ruth A. Nolt to Leonard E. and Amanda J. Martin for $220,000.

51 Gable Drive Lot 19
Kyle R. and Olivia K. Smaltz to Kyle R. and Olivia K. Smaltz for $1.

24 Scenic Drive Lot 279 Block C
Don A. and Florence L. Wedwick, Lisa Toland to Terry L. and Michele A. DePugh for $211,000.

130 Wintersville Road Lot 7
Darren C. Zimmerman to Darren C. and Janessa R. Zimmerman for $1.

Jonestown Borough


27 West Market Street
David L. Nye to Matthew D. Creter for $70,000.

104 Creekview Drive Quit Claim Deed
Jeffrey Beck to Jeffrey Beck, Tisha Rittenbaugh for $1.

31 West Market Street
Smith Family Special Needs Trust, John M. Zimmerman to Kathy L. Verke for $1.

Millcreek Township

130 Memorial Boulevard Lot 11
Kathy A. Pressley to Gerald G. and Barbara L. Zerr, Gerald G. Zerr Revocable Trust, Barbara L. Zerr Revocable Trust for $100,000.

17 Meadow Drive
Todd M. and Heidi J. Carvell to Thomas E. Kline, Sarah L. Bergenstock, JTWROS for $203,000.

8 Overlook Lane Lot 508
Dennis C. and Mary A. Reed to Terry P. and Holly Mays for $197,000.

29 North Sheridan Road Lot 13 and Part of Lots 12 and 14
Yuriy A. and Tatyana V. Gulchuk to Vighvat Devieux, Debrah A. Lily for $305,000.

225 South Sheridan Road
Eric S. Musser to Eric S. and Allyson J. Musser for $1.

441 East Main Street
Raymond H. and Alma Zimmerman to Raymond H. and Alma Zimmerman for $1.

12 Cardinal Road Lot 16
Craig P. Shuey to Craig P. Shuey for $1.

Mt. Gretna Borough


108 Harvard Avenue Lot 54
Gilbert S. Feinberg, Nadeen R. VanTuyle to for $290,000.

Myerstown Borough

324 South Broad Street
Derek M. Beane, Colleen Falk to Gengric Design LLC for $143,000.

720 South Railroad Street
Donald C. and Marsha A. Graby to Ashley E. Steigerwald for $165,000.

107 West Washington Avenue
Jennifer K. Zserai to Jennifer K. Zserai, Christopher Evans for $1.

NS West Maple Avenue
Daniel and Sharon M. Gonzalez to South Ramona 100 Real Estate for $42,000.

318 South Railroad Street
John P. Hampson to Jesse L. Sweigart for $210,000.

North Annville Township


880 Palmyra Bellegrove Road Lot 20 and 21
Barry L. and Mary A. College to Joan M. Sallada for $180,000.

1732 Thompson Avenue
Paul L. and Kristi L. Watts to Northwest Bank for $3,745.

North Cornwall Township

717 Farmwood Lane Unit 69
Builder Services Group Inc., Kenneth Homes to Danielle McAllister, Bryan White for $173,060.

715 Farmwood Lane Unit 68
Builder Services Group Inc., Kenneth Homes to Hung Sun for $173,060.

725 Farmwood Lane Unit 73
Builder Services Group Inc., Kenneth Homes to Aaron W. Showalter for $174,160.

257 South 21st Street
Travis D. and Adeena M. Smart to Adeena M. Smart for $1.

130 Tiverton Court Lot 17
Brenton L. Nolt to Nicholas E. Ceresini for $242,000.

3206 Washington Street
Travis D. and Chelsea L. Ramer to John C. Spooner, Melissa Lafaver for $190,000.

727 Farmwood Lane Unit 74
Builder Services Group Inc., Kenneth Homes to Zachary W. Warren, Sarah E. Durband for $174,060.

1732 Center Street
Zacharie C. and Abigail M. Smith to Adam S. Lanser for $109,500.

163 Northwood Court
Patricia J. McGuire to Jeremy L. Blough, Desiree A. Davis for $145,000.

232 Weymouth Drive Lot 47
Kathleen M. and Ronald R. Laplante to Kimberly M. Graham for $289,900.

835 Tudor Lane Lot 60 and Lot A
Alexander and Darlene K. Toscano to Jonathan A. and Katie N. Hade for $605,000.

2114 Ranch Avenue
Debra A. Cooper, Jeffrey J. and Danielle L. Klepper to Scott E. and Gisselle Geiling for $176,000.

2018 Greystone Drive Lot 147
Steven M. Wills to Dennis J. and Emily Speck Jr. for $135,000.

15 Oak Knoll Circle Lot 33
Mark R. and Beverly A. Miller to Mark R. and Beverly A. Miller for $1.

North Lebanon Township


3160 Hanford Drive
Scannell Properties #380 to CSHV Lebanon 2 for $32,000,000.

4 East Brookfield Drive Lot 64A
Michael W. and Emily Worhach to Conor P. McNamee for $180,000.

1440 Jody Avenue
Doris E. Snyder Estate, Elaine Cummings to Richard W. and Crystal F. Scott for $180,000.

1135 Cedar Crest Drive Lot 65
Patricia A. and Gary L. Marks to Tina M. Oliver, Mark S. Prakopcyk for $179,000.

735 Mechanic Street Lot 65B
Judith A. Sics to Kevin M. Hoelzle for $355,000.

435 Orchid Circle Unit 135
Landmark Homes at Sweetbriar Inc. to Kenneth R. Cole for $273,000.

1040 Harmony Hill Drive Lot 72
Veronica L. Rile to Amy N. and Brandon D. Shelly for $175,000.

23 Aspen Way Lot 16
Brian D. and Christine B. Dilger to Christine B. Dilger for $1.

North Londonderry Township

585 Sweetwater Drive Lot 17
Mark S. and Heather J. Cavanagh to David S. and Amy S. Wildasin for $390,000.

902 Cambridge Court
Russell E. and Amy E. Hewitt to NJN Commercial Realty for $145,000.

310 Wheatstone Drive Lot 202
David and Amy Wildasin to Sidney Bastola for $279,000.

204 Coventry Court
Tri Sigma Investments to Thomas and Barbara Kreider for $172,000.

79 Oxford Road Lot 142
Chatham Creek to Tara and Champa Timsina for $351,776.

28 Oxford Road Lot 40
Tracy L. and Scott J. K. Nzambi to Robert Sweeney for $410,000.

24 Wickerberry Lane Lot 109 Quit Claim Deed
Michael R. and Kathy J. R. Wise to Michael R. and Kathy J. R. Wise for $10.

1335 Cambridge Court Plot 245
Jon F. and Edeltraud B. Arndt to Kerry J. Reigle Jr. for $142,500.

120 Spruce Court Building 6 Unit 2
Tracy L. and Karen Riegle to Matthew W. Ollis for $191,000.

252 Eisenhower Road
Christopher A. Swope to Steven L. Blaine, Brenda L. Ream for $196,000.

282 Sweetwater Drive Lot 193
Nathan H. and Nichole E. Hartman to Nichole E. Hartman for $1.

1407 South Forge Road Lot 37
Roman and Urszula Maleszewski to Elizabeth A. Connors for $440,000.

20 Hickory Street Lot 105
Charlotte C. Hulse to Meg E. and John E. Hilla for $238,000.

821 South King Street Lot 7
Uldis and Diana G. Daiga to Jacqueline L. and Nicholas S. Boltz for $215,000.

1111 South Prince Street Lot 6
Victoria E. Blouch to Melissa M. Vanover for $1.

781 South Harrison Street
Virginia A. Smith Estate, Crystal B. Smith to Melissa and Brian Devonshire Sr. for $203,000.

1001 Cambridge Court
Theodore M. and Theodore F. Botzum Jr. to Natalie E. Anderson for $170,000.

215 Barrington Court
Cynthia L. Miller to Jeremy and Stacey Wahl, Sherry Gogo for $169,000.

8 Windsor Way Lot 85
James P. and Cynthia J. Warnock to Linda R. and Terry L. Shakespeare for $335,000.

11 Mimosa Street Lot 6
Della M. Reeder Estate, Joyce Anderson to David W. Reeder Estate, Joyce Anderson, Brandy M., Melissa J., and Andrew D. Stone for $1.

11 Mimosa Street Lot 6
David W. Reeder Estate, Joyce Anderson, Brandy M., Melissa J., and Andrew D. Stone to Luther W. Stone for $170,000.

63 Pin Oak Street Lot 186
Mark L. and Linda S. Krotulski to Patricia A. and Ivo H. Meilands for $226,000.

Palmyra Borough


981 East Oak Street Lot 44A
Matthew B. and Julee A. Owlett to Philip S. and Sara E. Martin for $155,400.

16 North Railroad Street
Joyce A. Pyle Estate, John R. and Gary E. Pyle, Amy P. Crystle to Eshenour Hartman Properties for $220,000.

725 West Oak Street Lot 36 and Part of Lots 35 and 37
Lebanon Valley Property Management to Lori A. Nye for $190,000.

18 South Horstick Avenue
Melissa J. N. Flammer, Brian P. Devonshire Sr. to Austen R. Davis, Taylor L. Cairns for $170,000.

973 East Maple Street Lot 62 G
Samuel C. and Heather L. Yoder to Lori J. Shoop for $164,900.

125 East Cherry Street
Patricia L. Weaber to Deborah L. D. Brown for $125,000.

Richland Borough

210 Church Street
Helen B. and John P. Barry, Pamela B. Bowie to John P. Barry for $150,000.

South Annville Township


602 Mount Wilson Road
John C. and Hannah Furlow to Jeffrey S. and Carrie Martin for $239,000.

186 Valley View Avenue Lots 107 and 108
Donald E. and Susan J. Kline to Darlene Zachry for $279,000.

1401 South White Oak Street
John R. and Earla F. Leisey, Loren M. and Alma M. Horning to Earl C. and Anna H. Houser for $1.

785 Bachman Road
Randal and Ernest W. Heisey to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for $1.

South Lebanon Township

15 Wilhelm Avenue Lot 18
David H. Taft to Mary M. and Ruth E. Flanagan for $112,000.

703 South 2nd Avenue
Alaxandros and Brittany N. Palogiannidis to Rolando F. Cortinas, Melanie C. Ortiz for $202,000.

13 Strathford Drive Lot 30
Reading Road Corporation, Garman Builders at Lebanon LLC to Sean T. and Jillian L. Smith for $461,944.

32 Strathford Drive Lot 30
Reading Road Corporation, Garman Builders at Lebanon LLC to Steven W. and Jennifer Graaf for $421,990.

624 Renova Avenue Lot 90
Dennis J. McCabe to Kyle E. and Michele E. Siegfried for $160,000.

726 South 3rd Avenue
Donna L. Griffiths to David L. and Janet N. Keener for $215,000.

128 Linda Way Lot 16
Narrows Glen Inc. to Nicholas L. and Michelle Lambros Jr. for $378,700.

1045 South 3rd Street Corrective Deed
Lori E. M. and Jeffrey K. Falk to Lori E. M. and Jeffrey K. Falk for $1.

17 Beckleys Corner Lots 8 and 9
S. Gerald Musser Builder to Robert J. and Kathryn E. Buchovecky for $393,600.

2 Werni Drive Lot 109A
William D. and Dorothy J. Bailey to Susan S. and Charles S. Agee for $1.

South Londonderry Township


5607 Elizabethtown Road Lot 1
Ronald L. and Lisa M. Bortner Jr. to Kirk and Mary J. Swenson for $195,000.

257 Farmhouse Lane Lot 32
Jake A. Wirtshafter to Cartus Financial Corporation for $325,000.

215 Fencepost Lane Lot 10
Michael C. and Kristine L. Hazel to Alyssa M. Graver, Anthony P. Sierer for $246,000.

42 Forest Circle Lot 55
Verna A. Royer to Douglas J. Ferguson for $162,000.

257 Farmhouse Lane Lot 32
Cartus Financial Corporation to Khagindra and Ghana M. Pokhrel for $325,000.

219 Village Lane
David J. Mayercik to April N. Carroll for $212,000.

102 Windermere Drive Unit 28
River Bend Limited Partnership, Millfield Construction Company to Ronald J. and Sandra L. Vassel for $439,900.

825, 826, and 827 Lawn Road
Kent E. and Karen A. Mummau to Matthew B. and Julee A. Owlett for $180,000.

57 North Village Circle Unit 128
Lori A. Nye to Bethany Eshleman for $201,000.

227 Lyndel Drive Lots 17, 18, and 19
Gregory A. and Karen S. Ott to Gregory A., Karen S., Chad M. Ott for $1.

WS South Forge Road
Arthur King Scouts Inc., King Arthur Scouts Inc. to Daniel A. Deichmiller Living Trust, Daniel A. and Maria W. Deichmiller for $500,000.

1271 Mount Wilson Road
John A. Shuman Revocable Trust, Karen E. Shuman Revocable Trust, John A. Shuman to Kathleen, Ethan D., and Troy D. Cohen for $149,100.

363 East Patrick Road
Debra L. Weidler to Timothy J. Boyer for $240,000.

108 Glendon Drive Lot 6
Mt. Pleasant Ventures, S. Gerald Musser Builder to Patricia A. Podolak for $411,519.

Swatara Township

282 Mountain Drive
Dale T. and Linda M. Kreiser to Dale T. and Linda M. Kreiser for $1.

2182 Kenbrook Road
Cameron Batz to Michael and Emily Worhach for $260,000.

20 Swatara Circle Lot 16
Kerry J. and Darlene J. Reigle to Brandon Baum, Ashley Brown for $214,000.

2101 State Route 72 North
Michael A. and Sherri L. Blouch to Tina Yeagley for $202,000.

225 Mountain Drive Lot 1 Etc.
Verling C. and Judith A. Hostetter to Colton L. and Brian K. Hostetter for $70,000.

764 North Mill Street
Garfield Reichert Estate, Garfield G. Reichert Jr. Estate, Darrel and Dee J. Reichert to Wesley L. and Elicia S. Weaver for $254,000.

165 Mowery Road
Beverly J. and Kyle A. Smith Sr., Denise R. Willis to U.S. Bank National Association for $4,445.

30 Kreider Drive Lot 22
John R. Patton Sr. Estate, John R. Patton Estate, John R. Patton Jr., Alyssa Patton, Unknown Heirs, Unknown Successor Administrator to Wells Fargo Bank for $12,000.

Union Township

2394 State Route 72
Melanie A. and Brian S. Schaeffer to Faye R. Kretz for $125,000.

1132 Suedberg Road Quit Claim Deed
Tom D. and Charity S. Greenlee Jr. to Charity S. Greenlee for $1.

509 Jonestown Road Lot 1 Etc.
Domestic Services Company Inc., JRCS to Axis Pottstown LLC for $4,500,000.

142 Fisher Avenue
Bruce D. Shuey to Robert R. and Rachel A. Meekins for $1.

230 Moonshine Road
Kyle M. Levengood, Katelyn D. Boltz to Kyle M. and Katelyn D. Levengood for $1.

521 Shepherd Street Lot 46
Bradley J. and Jennifer I. Clemmer to Jennifer I. Clemmer for $1.

West Cornwall Township

172 Riders Way Lot 63
Susan Barnhart to Logan M. and Vincent Barley for $163,000.

NS Williams Drive
Lloyd T. and Kristie L. Sprenkle to Lloyd T. and Kristie L. Sprenkle for $1.

West Lebanon Township

512 North Twenty Third Street
Kyle F. and Michelle L. Firestone to Oscar J. Basilio, Dahiana J. L. Cardenas for $155,000.

2234 Church Street
David W. Ulrich to Elliott V. Houser for $149,900.

2010 Church Street
Todd and Kelly J. Mease to Ashley Norton for $107,000.

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