Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County.

Annville Township

518 West Queen Street
Joshua J. Doyle to Lloyd Associates for $170,000.

126 South Cherry Street
Jesse M. and Laura A. Horst to Robert and Laura Howard for $263,000.

Bethel Township

251 Airport Road
Debra L. Taylor to Christopher and Shilah Stahl for $237,000.

447 Beagle Road
Daniel J. and Helene M. Laughner to Fannie Mae for $5,374.

144 Elk Drive
Andrew N. Hoover to Alex J. Achey for $217,000.

139 Fredericksburg Road Lot 2 Etc.
LV Logistics CTR to Park 139 Fredericsburg Road Owner LLC for $102,000,000.

108 Locust Avenue
U.S. Bank National Association, Select Portfolio Servicing Inc. to Nelson E. Lutz for $135,000.

1521 Mt. Zion Road
Paul J. and Rosemary Myers to Jeffrey M. and Megan L. Myers for $274,000.

City of Lebanon

13 and 15 East Walnut Street
John J. Maher Estate, Carol and Amanda Babineau to Gideon Lantz for $105,000.

920, 921, and 922 Willlow Street
Alan P. and Susan M. Angele to Jose J. Ceballos Home Provider for $120,000.

113 South 2nd Street
David L. and Katherine R. Anspach to Frank Tomecek Jr. for $55,000.

402 Noble Street
Bonnie Albright to Ramon and Luis F. Dilone for $184,500.

411 Guilford Street
Douglas and Tracy R. Shirk, Scott M. Patrick to StarrWar Properties for $60,000.

618 Crowell Street
Frank D. and Sherry L. Tomecek to Daniel Rojas for $36,000.

309 North Tenth Street
Derek P. and Debra L. Soliday to Premier Home Solutions for $37,000.

1363 Monument Street
Lori A. Haller to Luis K. P. Morfa for $32,000.

419 North 7th Street
Harry G. and Shirley A. Bowman to Windy Knoll Rentals for $59,900.

208 Maple Street
Arlene R. Zeller to Richard Freed for $125,000.

493 New Street
Christopher R. Martin to Keith T. Coyne, Christine J. Maxwell for $45,000.

737 Mifflin Street
Linda and Katherine C. Seguinot to Linda and Katherine C. Seguinot for $1.

424 North 14th Street
Marisol Matos to Francisco Padilla II for $36,050.

Railroad Bed
Nathan K. Gassert to James C. and Ryan Payne for $1.

33 Woodland Estates Unit 20 Building 7
Joy A. Eubanks to Joy A. Eubanks, Perry E. Hartmann for $221,000.

41 Tiffany Lane Lot 21
Modern Assets LLC to Jean Rivera for $133,000.

1220 Mifflin Street
Nonprofit Housing Development Corporation of Lebanon County Inc. to Housing Authority of the County of Lebanon for $425,000.

29 Hoke Avenue
Katherine L. Smith to StarrWar Properties LLC for $63,000.

500 Pershing Avenue
Richard E. Warner Living Trust, Peggy J. Warner Living Trust, Virginia M. Strickler to Virginia M. Strickler, James R. Warner for $1.

722 Ehrhorn Street
Kermit C. Ortiz, Sandra Cruz to Warren Schwenk II for $185,000.

437 North Sixth Street
Jakmel LLC to Gideon S. Fisher for $140,000.

524 North 8th Street
Ronen, Selene Finance LP to Micrubell Services LLC for $56,000.

428 North 5th Street
Steven H. and Cynthia F. Horning to Isaac B. and Susanna B. Zook Jr. for $124,900.

524 North 7th Street
Timothy M. and Angela M. Wright Sr. to Harold E. Dice for $50,000.

568 Guilford Street
Rose M. Muniz to Reagan Thach for $1.

358 North 11th Street
Lebanon Valley Rental Properties to Keim Brothers for $19,000.

609 Maple Street
Jane L. Bissonnette, Carol A. Boltz to Shane A. Heagy for $70,000.

1283 Colebrook Road
Ehcompany to Zachary D. and Kyra L. Meese for $135,000.

340 South Sixth Street
Flippers & Keepers to Karla V. Otero, Othoniel M. Perez for $145,000.

416 and 418 Canal Street
JDF Holdings LLC to MK & Sons Properties LLC for $1.

215 Walnut Street
Nancy M. Tolentino to William E. R. Cevallos for $150,000.

385 North Partridge Street Lot 2
Flippers & Keepers to GB & CB Properties for $45,000.

805 Cornwall Road
Rafael J. D. Guzman, Glenda L. H. Cruz to Rafael J. D. Guzman for $1.

Cleona Borough

10 Natalie Lane Lot 99
Christian G. T. Reynoso, Charina A. R. Francis to Eric D. Clemens, Lindsey A. Heiges for $120,000.

Cornwall Borough

1251 Ash Lane Lot 281
Malissa Johnson to Jeremy and Katelyn M. Haldeman for $380,000.

142 Norway Lane Lot 57 and Lot A
William D. and Carol J. Orr III to Michael B. and Elizabeth A. Bross for $337,000.

111 Pine Street Lot 64 Block N
Wendy J. and Dominic Tribioli to Krista L. and Thomas C. Benway for $190,000.

99 Ironmaster Road
Adam R. Castoldi to Jeffrey S. and Jennifer C. Johnson for $399,900.

1020 Villa Drive Unit 296
Cornwall Associates, Alden Homes at Cornwall Inc. to Michael A. and Doreen Zorek for $281,654.

1037 Alden Way Unit 37
Cornwall Associates, Alden Homes at Cornwall Inc. to Dennis L. and Debbie L. Hostetter for $375,000.

East Hanover Township

527 Mill Road
Larry Hollinger to David and Denise Litwak for $485,000.

NS Swatara Drive Corrective Deed
Dennis E., Pauline M., and Cynthia E. Funck to Dennis E. and Cynthia E. Funck for $1.

39 Swatara Drive Corrective Deed
Dennis E., Pauline M., and Cynthia E. Funck to Dennis E. and Cynthia E. Funck for $1.

41 Race Horse Drive
Joan M. Sakel to Michael T. and Joan M. Sakel for $1.

Heidelberg Township

2404 Prescott Road
Ruth M. Hoover to Irvin S. Weaver for $158,000.

134 Linda Sue Lane Lot 7
Tyler C. and Kayleigh A. Roman to Colin Zimmerman for $183,500.

2423 South 5th Avenue
Matthew B. Day to Lauren E. and Shawn M. Wentzel for $279,000.

205 South Lancaster Avenue
Jay A. and Shelby G. Leinbach to Ben Gehman, Erin Fisher for $210,000.

Jackson Township

466 East Main Avenue Lot 3
Robert L. and Helen L. Friend to Clayton L. and Amy L. Rathman for $274,900.

548 East Lincoln Avenue
Edwin K. and Alice M. Keath Jr. to Edwin K. and Alice M. Keath Jr. for $1.

525 West Washington Avenue Lot 1
Darryl L. Weaver to James W. and Joyce S. Kolb for $224,900.

521 West Washington Avenue
Darryl L. Weaver to Jeanette E. Kolb for $174,900.

915 Tulpehocken Road
Rutha A. Graybill Estate, Elvin L. Graybill Jr. to Gloria G. Graybill, Dawn P. Witmer for $1.

655 West Lincoln Avenue
Brent E. Johnson, Rosaria Cappello to Jonathan L. Allwein for $166,500.

Jonestown Borough

337 North Lancaster Street Lot 1
Alternative Rehabilitation Communities to Michael J. Derr Sr. for $275,000.

182 Twin Creeks Drive Lot G24
Pamela and Kaitlyn Zearfoss to Carly A. Roberts for $196,500.

27 Williamsburg Drive
Wendy and Jon Koller to Davis Lesperance for $197,710.

348 Swatara Creek Drive Lot T146
Christopher D. Stine to Cristian G. T. Reynoso, Charina A. R. Francis for $156,000.

Millcreek Township

110 West Main Street
We Buy PA Inc. to Martin Real Estate Holdings LLC for $50,000.

31 Newburg Drive Lot 49
Mark A. Hassler to Kyle D. Foore for $1.

203 Village Drive Lot 515
Shanon L. Sittler, Matthew S. Martin to Brena Waters for $225,000.

NS North Sheridan Road
Sheridan Supply Company Inc. to Lowell D. Hartzell for $130,000.

12 Evergreen Way Lot 304
Peter B. Shirk Living Trust, Naomi H. Shirk Living Trust, Peter B. and Naomi H. Shirk, John E. Eberly to Matthew S. and Shanon L. Martin for $279,247.

9 Overlook Lane Lot 497
Larry E. and Kim D. Garloff II to James A. and Annmarie McGullam for $237,000.

247 East Main Street
Peter J. and Patrice A. Pikna to Stand613 LLC for $100,000.

245 East Main Street
Peter J. and Patrice A. Pikna to Stand613 LLC for $125,000.

Mt. Gretna Borough

212 Stevens Avenue
Edgar D. and Patrecia A. Landis to Edgar D. Landis Trust, Patrecia A. Landis Trust, Edgar D. Landis for $1.

211 Stevens Avenue
Edgar D. and Patrecia A. Landis to Edgar D. Landis Trust, Patrecia A. Landis Trust, Edgar D. Landis for $1.

NS Lebanon Avenue Lots 75 and 76
Timothy R. Hower to Dennis F. Clabaugh for $100,000.

Myerstown Borough

522 North 24th Street
Keith E. and Sharon L. Deiter to Wallhouse Properties for $150,000.

112 East Main Avenue
Matthew J. and Erin M. Almquist to Samuel K. and Ada L. Kauffman for $70,000.

North Annville Township

1660 Thompson Avenue Lot 12
Dennis L. and Debbie L. Hostetter to Jonathan C. Brown for $335,600.

667 Steelstown Road
Ryan L. and Dawn L. Breckbill to Ryan L. and Dawn L. Breckbill for $1.

525 North State Route 934
Bernard S. and Mildred E. Sholly to Bradley T. and April L. Sholly for $1.

North Cornwall Township

2009 Acorn Drive Lot 74
Tammi J. Steinbauer to PA Deals for $60,000.

2150 Walnut Street Lot 9
James and Ann Gruber to Kelly J. Zinda for $138,900.

20 Cart Way
Julie R. and Robert E. Bond Jr. to Julie R. and Robert E. Bond Jr. for $1.

1930 Lafayette Street Etc.
Thomas and Carol Bartal to Thomas and Carol Bartal for $1.

2012 Fieldcrest Road Lot 19
Bonnie S. Adams, Marilyn D. Szakal to John C. and Dianne L. Stott for $355,000.

743 Farmwood Lane Unit 82
Builder Services Group Inc., Kenneth Homes to Maureen C. Shaak for $135,000.

2120 Acorn Court Lot 46
Carole A. Simone Estate, Stephany Houser to Corinne N. Snyder for $135,000.

20 On The Green Drive Lot 24
Johnny Mai to Ryan P. Consylman for $380,000.

1609 Federal Street
David S. Weaber, Cassandra M. Pavlesich to Edy D. Escoto for $26,000.

325 Quittapahilla Drive
Scott A. and Stacy L. White to Stacy L. Light for $1.

North Lebanon Township

1 East Brookfield Drive Lot 1
Enver V. and Kiriah Estrella to Matthew J. Kantner, Jennifer L. McGrath for $265,000.

1310 Pennsylvania Avenue
Eleanor V. Griffiths to Eleanor V. Griffiths, Rachel G. and Gary T. Tierney II for $1.

1524 Sholly Avenue Lot 61
Ellen Danner to Ellen Danner, Brian E. Smith for $1.

1805 Oakridge Court Lot 12
James M. and Jenny M. Sushinski to Jacob J. Kane for $264,100.

1301 Old Hickory Lane Lot 3
Helen I. Crawford to Udaykumar G. Merchant for $220,000.

1514 Rolling Meadow Road Lot 126
Cody M. and Katie A. Gehman to Brandon L. and Melissa L. Hayes for $305,000.

350 Snow Drive
Arlene V. Gassert to Susan M. Gundrum for $1.

North Londonderry Township

848 West Elm Street Lot 32
Julia A. Beall to Samirkumar and Amishaben Patel for $274,000.

NS Palmyra Bellegrove Road Lot 27
Judy A. Custer to Robert J. and Brenda L. Phillips for $26,400.

612 Cambridge Court Plot 76
Douglas L. and Rebecca F. Spahr to Kristen D. Loy for $1,500.

Palmyra Borough

601 West Cherry Street
Charles D. and Debra A. Beard to Janet E. and John J. OBoyle for $232,400.

135 North College Street
John J. and Janet E. OBoyle to William R. Cox for $125,000.

980 East Maple Street Townhouse #10
Thomas W. and Jane H. Zimmerman to Michael C. Long for $142,500.

514 South Lincoln Street
Daniel E. and Tanya E. Ziegler to Eric M. Hoover for $240,000.

110 North Prince Street Lots 48 and 49
Chantel M. Hoffa, Kyle R. Keller to Kyle R. Keller for $1.

741 West Cherry Street
Caroline Rose Piper to Midfirst Bank for $3,673.

21 Harrison Street Quitclaim Deed
Christopher B. and Nicole R. Peter to Christopher B. and Nicole R. Peter for $0.

Lots 56, 57, 58, 59, and 60 Inclusive and Lots 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11 Inclusive Etc.
East Broad Street LLC to Share Park for $1.

29 North Green Street
Daniel E. and Jennifer L. Kindrick to Jasmine Corey for $146,000.

600 West Maple Street Lot 19
Edward H. and Emma S. Bennett to Edward H. and Emma S. Bennett, Victoria M. May for $1.

101 North Harrison Street
Joseph T. Burgio to Ventura Real Estate Development LLC for $110,000.

Richland Borough

10 Chestnut Street
Matthew W. and Erin R. Bills to Quentin W. Rodgers, Katlyn M. Blumenshine for $156,500.

133 South Race Street Lot 5
Christopher M. and Caitlin E. Keener to Karen M. and W. Allen Petre for $147,000.

South Annville Township

210 Ridge Road Lot 20
Jacob J. Kane to Stacey A. Miller for $212,000.

(UPI #29-2312022-363123-0000) Unit 38 Building 20
Garman Builders at Mayapple LLC to Ann M. Lucas for $278,569.

621 Horseshoe Trail Drive Lot 34
Gregory D. Potteiger, Gina Fontanella to Michael T. and Dawn K. Aldinger for $419,900.

12 Ironwood Drive Lot 105
Estreet Properties to Benjamin M. and Nicole J. Grab for $176,000.

18 Blue Jay Way Unit 89
Ryan P. and Melissa Berardi to Robert Amaya for $450,000.

205 Highland Court Unit 36 Building 20
Garman Builders at Mayapple LLC to Zachary W. and Emily G. Miller for $285,000.

18 Blue Jay Way Unit 89
Robert and Colleen Amaya to Robert and Colleen R. Amaya for $1.

South Lebanon Township

1100 State Drive
Linford R. and Beth L. Musser, Gerald S. Musser Builder to Gary A. and Keely E. Verna Jr. for $85,000.

407 Larkspur Lane Lot 20
Greg and Linda K. Field to James Santana for $255,300.

1410 King Street
Tyler J. Hoy to Tina M. Zimmerman, Jarad M. Farst for $184,900.

1124 South 3rd Street Lot 7
Long Lane Meadows LLC to Dean S. and Audra D. Spang for $324,306.

506 East Walnut Street
Robert F. and Kay L. Demler to Kenneth M. and Leesa K. Putt for $90,000.

1340 Metro Drive Lot 161
Richard L. Mohn to Richard L. Mohn, Janet L. Young for $1.

710 South First Avenue
June P. Guare Estate, David W. Guare to Cristian A. S. Pichardo for $176,000.

333 Acorn Circle Lot 106
Joseph M. and Blossom L. Rodriguez to Eduardo Muniz, Jeremy M. Rodriguez for $170,000.

395 Olde Meadow Lane
Rebecca and Carl Sivak to Carl and Rebecca L. Sivak for $1.

(UPI #30-2341167-36175-0000) Lot 30
Reading Road Corporation, Garman Builders at Lebanon LLC to Christopher A. and Amanda M. Miller for $510,805.

1701 South 5th Avenue
Daniel R. and Arlene B. Petley to Bret M. and Michelle L. Winey for $283,000.

South Londonderry Township

183 Long Road
Carl W. Stauffer Estate, Lisa J. Long to Integrity First Home Buyers for $47,500.

198 Hummingbird Way Lots 17 and 17A
Ernest F. and Virginia T. Richardsen to Graebel Relocation Services Worldwide Inc. for $1,135,000.

183 Long Road
Integrity First Home Buyers to Morgan Investors for $123,000.

5 South Larkspur Drive Lot 42
Prakash V., Pravina P., and Parth P. Bhutwala, Umeshkumar V. Patel to Umeshkumar V. and Monalisa U. Patel for $1.

62 English Drive Lot 75
Christine M. Deangelis, Daniel E. Houser to Christine M. and Daniel E. Houser for $1.

79 Bachmanville Road
Spring Nook Farms to Kenneth J. Brandt for $590,000.

475 Fencepost Lane Lot 160 Quitclaim Deed
Mark D. Jordan, Tracy E. Krouse to Tracy E. Krouse for $0.

100 Hulls Point Lane
Condie Living Trust, Claire A. Condie to Janet E. Destefano for $1.

Swatara Township

1980 State Route 72 North
Glen and Rachel Zehr to Matthew A. and Brittney N. Shirey for $300,000.

125 Lighthouse Drive Lot 62
Sasha N. Stone to Zachary A. Hitz for $162,000.

SS Greble Road Lot 41
Donald Podjed to Hunter Creek Partners LLC for $34,900.

306 Lighthouse Drive Lot 93
David M. Tressler to Jessica L. Moyer, Antonio Randazzo for $151,500.

2216 State Route 72 Lot 4
Amr Hassan to Michael A. Criswell, Alyssa L. Geib for $203,000.

Union Township

2405 State Route 72
James R. Hitz Estate, Melanie A. McGarry, Shawn M. Hitz to S & S Enterprises, Steven R. Kreamer, Stephen P. Lum for $295,000.

West Lebanon Township

1232 South 5th Avenue
Belco Community Credit Union, Lebco Educators Federal Credit Union to Reni Weixler for $75,000.

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