Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County.

Annville Township

60 South Third Avenue Part of Lot 47
Sheila M. Long to Beyond Holdings LLC for $160,000.

125 North Ulrich Street
Suzanne J. Ambler to Gaboons for $57,000.

469 East Main Street
Martha A. and Christopher Shaak to John J. Miller, J. Brian Krall for $105,000.

Bethel Township

West of Swopes Valley Road
Craig T. Koons to John Z. Stahl for $1.

128 North Center Street
Roger and Bonita Koehler to Malik L. Harris for $123,700.

104 2nd Street Lots 51, 53, and 68
Benjamin Hitz to Benjamin and Tiffany Hitz for $1.

139 North Mechanic Street
Arthur and Thersa M. Worley Jr. to Jason Matthew and Victoria L. Sweinhart for $53,418.

City of Lebanon

545 East Weidman Street
Mildred L. Ream to Donna M. and John H. Allwein for $117,500.

943 East Scull Street
Jared M. and TIffany L. Armstrong to Integrity First Home Buyers for $30,000.

829 Chestnut Street
Lawrence A. Hartman, Theresa C. Lee to David M. Kaley for $95,000.

1417 Miller Street Quit Claim Deed
Russell A. and Danielle S. Rakow to Russell A. Rakow for $1.

709 Chestnut Street
Jeffery H. and Darlene Bender to Premier Home Solutions for $140,000.

330 Lehman Street
James E. and Robin L. Leed Jr. to Starrwar Properties for $22,208.

829 Church Street
Jerry J. Johnson to Erika Rosario, Natividad Q. Ramos for $150,000.

323 Hornet Street
Reputable Streamline Properties LLC to LMU Lending for $27,000.

121 North Tenth Street
Jose A. Kuilan to Alex V. Sample for $123,000.

116 South 11th Street
MPL Homebuyers LLC to Timothy M. Crawford for $110,000.

10 Woodland Estates Unit 47
Frederick S. and Kathryn R. Wolfson to Jonathan T. and Leslie A. Edge for $110,000.

319 East Vine Street
Lucky Number Seven to Roberto and Miguel Vargas, Rosiris Garcia for $167,000.

525 South 13th Street
Violet E. Zellers Estate, Penny S. Miller to Edgar Gonzalez for $139,000.

16 Hoffman Street
Michael L. Pidgoredetsky to Karla D. M. Rivera, Christopher G. Portell for $94,000.

820 South 6th Street
Sharon R. Witmer to Premier Home Solutions for $25,000.

1407 Elm Street
Charles H. Wolfe to Matthew Marakowski for $125,000.

354 North Tenth Street
Philip J. Lerch Sr. to Lydia House LLC, East Wind Properties for $51,000.

1230 Elm Street Lots 1 and 2
Gerald L. Deshong Jr., Heather M. Birtel to Heather M. Birtel for $1.

329 Elm Street
Lori A. Genther to Mark and Deborah Hurst for $121,000.

261 South Partridge Street
Joshua R. and Erin E. Snader to Joshua R. and Erin E. Snader for $1.

535 North Partridge Street
Joshua R. and Erin E. Snader to Joshua R. and Erin E. Snader for $1.

Cleona Borough

500 West Penn Avenue
Sheila M. Long to Beyond Holdings LLC for $250,000.

41, 42, and 43 West Penn Avenue Lot 8
Jordan M. and Lindsey E. Good to Christopher D. and Rachel E. Martin for $225,000.

506 West Chestnut Street Lot 150
Michael J. and Amy E. Balmer to Michael J. Balmer for $1.

7 East Penn Avenue Lot 19
Jordon M. and Lindsey E. Good to Justin T. Ulrich for $234,900.

25 North Washington Street
Jason T. and Maggie L. Brandt to Caleb Setlock for $135,000.

Cornwall Borough

261 Rexmont Road Lot 15
RW Marketing LLC to Anne M. Larson for $225,000.

2512 Cornwall Road Lot A-15
Henry K. Cheng to Aaliyah Arroyo, Melvin Y. R. Castro for $228,000.

1004 Villa Drive Unit 228
Cornwall Associates LP, Alden Homes at Cornwall Inc. to Dennis and Hilda D. L. Vega for $385,601.

1003 Parkwood Court Unit 26
Cornwall Associates LP, Alden Homes at Cornwall Inc. to Gary Maciver, R. Marjorie Balsham for $442,854.

214 Burd Coleman Road Lot 20
Brenda L. Mettley, Bernard L. Beard, and Brian L. Beard Jr. to Harrison C. Snider, Catherine R. Limbert for $165,000.

303 Boyd Street Lot 66 Quit Claim Deed
Richard C. and Nicole L. Miller Jr. to Nicole L. G. Miller for $0.

1254 Ash Lane Lot 292
Claude S. and Carol A. Heagy Jr. to James and Susan Eppley for $295,000.

305 Spring Hill Lane Lot 43
James E. and Anna M. Serafin to James E. Serafin for $1.

146 Rexmont Road Lot 8
Paul J. Kotkas Estate, Jean L. Kotkas to Jean L. Kotkas for $1.

320 Pamela Lane Lot 68
Samantha D. Snyder, Douglas J. Hallman to Gaultwood Properties for $180,000.

East Hanover Township

28 Sherks Church Road
Mark A. and Melissa A. Sallada to Melissa A. Sallada, Charles I., and Ginger E. Hershey for $1.

33 Harrison School Road Lots 7 and 7A
Daniel M. and Amy E. King to Daniel M. and Amy E. King for $1.

93 Webster School Road Lot 2
Daniel L. and Robin D. DeMackiewicz to Chris M. and Susan J. Boehmer for $400,000.

East of Appalachian Drive
Jeffrey A. and Lisa E. Klinger Sr. to Guy K. and Christy L. Miller II for $80,000.

Heidelberg Township

255 Canaan Grove Road
Anthony D. Martin to David and Lavina Stoltzfus for $235,000.

2506 South 5th Avenue Lot 5 and Part of Lot 6
Naomi R. and Robin L. Duvall to Carissa M. Alza, David J. Schnabel Jr. for $250,000.

Jackson Township

147 Gable Drive Lot 65
Richard R. and Mary N. Hurst to Raymond C. and Elva B. Hurst for $60,000.

19 Springhouse Drive
John W. and Patricia A. Cantwell Jr. to John W. Cantwell for $0.

1227 Hilltop Road
David A. Hartman to David A. Hartman for $1.

186 Gable Drive Lot 140
Shirley A. Kiene to Jeffrey L. Sharp, Lisa A. Moyer for $1.

161 Elco Drive
Susan H. Zimmerman Estate, Charles R., Cynthia F., and Cynthia F. Zimmerman, Barbara S. Auker, Kathleen J. Horning to Charles R. and Susan M. Zimmerman for $340,000.

190 Gable Drive Lot 142
Rick L. Stamm to Patrick T. Kreiser for $158,000.

35 Eisenhauer Road Lot 4
Thomas J. and Amanda L. Frazier to Kaitlin A. Frazier for $325,000.

303 Golf Road
Jocelyn C. Whitmoyer to Leon R. and Martha M. Zimmerman for $540,000.

306 Yeagley Road Lot 4
David M. Englehart Estate, Malisa J. Rutt to David M. Englehart II, Malisa J. Rutt for $1.

552 East Lincoln Avenue
Dean R. and Katrina L. Wagner to Sherry L. Hunsicker for $131,000.

100 Deep Run Road
Eric L., Kyle G., and Ann L. Keefer to Amanda M. and Alex M. Bortz for $165,000.

52 Millardsville Road Etc.
Erin E. and Joshua R. Snader to Joshua R. and Erin E. Snader for $1.

25 Laurel Drive
Erin Thornton to Kyle Lilley, Jesikah Messersmith for $146,000.

Jonestown Borough

32 West Market Street Deed In Lieu Of Foreclosure
Celmer Group to John D. Light for $1.

Millcreek Township

4 North Fort Zeller Road
Gress Family Limited Partnership, P & C Gress to 153-135 Family Limited Liability for $1.

12 Cardinal Road
Craig P. and Katy Beth Shuey Estate to Marie E., Katy Beth, Jeffrey, Zachary, and Joshua Shuey for $1.

12 Cardinal Road
Katy Beth, Jeffrey, Zachary, and Joshua Shuey to Marie E. Shuey for $1.

72 Round Barn Road
Earl E. and Sandra L. Kreiser Jr. to Sandra L. Kreiser for $1.

33 Memorial Boulevard Lot 11
Alex M. and Amanda Bortz to Caleb L. Christine for $150,000.

Myerstown Borough

108 South Railroad Street
Robert A. Meyer Sr. Estate, Robert A. Meyer Jr., Steven T. Krall to Steven T. and Shana S. Krall for $124,000.

125, 127, and 129 West Main Avenue
Portia G. Deibler to Charlene M. and Andrew R. Newswanger for $180,000.

117 North Railroad Street
Mark M. Landis Jr., Tammy S. Landis, Mark M. Landis Sr., E. Elaine Landis to Daniel M. and Ashly L. Landis for $1.

130 West Washington Avenue
Michael J. and Devon M. Yiengst to Devon M. Yiengst for $1.

North Annville Township

677 Ono Road
Scott A. and Ida E. Lutz to Joshua Boyer for $62,438.

ES North State Route 934
A. Basil and Janet L. Patteson to A. Basil and Janet L. Patteson for $1.

1500 North State Route 934 Etc.
A. Basil and Janet L. Patteson to A. Basil and Janet L. Patteson for $1.

North Cornwall Township

216 Weymouth Drive Lot 20
Robert T. and Eric R. Wierina Jr. to Peter J. and Amy J. Meli for $270,000.

215 South White Oak Circle Lot 83
Carmen Sabino to William L. Bowker for $375,000.

34 Creekside Drive Lot 88
Narrows Glen Inc. to Mitra Timsina, Khagi M. Bajgai for $353,300.

73 Creekside Drive Lot 53
Narrows Glen Inc. to Dorothy M. and Aurelio Sciorilli for $450,041.

128 Northwood Court
Candice L. Highfield Estate, Candice L. Bohr Estate, Edward C. Highfield to Edward C. Highfield for $0.

40 Walden Road Lot 61
Jacqueline A. Nicholas to Michael G. Nicholas for $1.

250 Crooked Lane Lot 5
Stacia L. and Owen T. Mohr to Thomas E. and Mindy K. Schneck, Sharon R. Edris for $270,000.

2244 Nancy Lee Avenue Lot 64
Steven K. and Jennie L. Capwell to Lakpa Tenzin for $285,500.

433 Lori Ann Court Lot 11
John and Caroline S. Mingle to Salvatore H. and Jamie L. Molino III for $695,000.

195 Village Drive
Michael S. and Kendra M. Sweitzer to Perry Painting Staining & Powerwashing LLC for $120,000.

19 Greystone Xing Lot 110
Christopher D. and Jenelle M. Hornick to Jenelle M. Hornick for $1.

North Lebanon Township

1656 North 8th Avenue Lot 2
Cameron B. Batz, Monica A. Kapp to Kimmer Green for $550,000.

2012 Jay Street
Kurt W. Stegman to Andrew Bernhardt for $198,000.

1910 Water Street
Donald J., Mary E., Barry L. and Linda C. Fisher, Shirley A. Hower, Corrine K. and Timothy J. Zimmerer to Donald J. and Mary E. Fisher for $1.

433 Orchid Circle Unit 136
Landmark Homes at Sweetbriar Inc. to Jeffery and Joan Ianniello for $323,493.

1132 Kochenderfer Road Lot 12
KDW Real Estate to Matthew R. and Madelyn R. Blouch for $225,000.

1229 North 8th Street
Lisa M. Milano to Lisa M. Milano for $1.

505 Linda Drive Lot 20
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and Case 446-002776 to Mariam Aziz, Mena I. Elia for $150,000.

805 Briar Rose Avenue Unit 127
Landmark Homes at Sweetbriar Inc. to Paul and Katherine Torgersen for $347,457.

1509 Sandhill Road
Jose A. Rodriguez to Mayra E. G. Hernandez, Melvin G. Ruiz for $167,500.

3 Laurel Lane Lot 139
Jerod J. and Kelly V. George to Stephen J. and Lisa M. Sabol Jr. for $255,000.

408 Orchid Circle Unit 152
Landmark Homes at Sweetbriar Inc. to Raymond G. and Bonnie I. Mather for $377,076.

1610 Weavertown Road
Erik W. Bauscher to Erik W. and Susan E. Bauscher for $1.

907 Briar Rose Avenue Unit 167
Landmark Homes at Sweetbriar Inc. to Carole K. Chrisman for $443,000.

1510 Sholly Avenue Lot 84
Robert D. and Sharon A. Singer to Barry L. and Megan M. Reinhart for $225,500.

North Londonderry Township

3 Palmyra-Bellgrove Road Lot 48 and Part of Lot 49
Raphael and Norma J. Martinez to Raphael Martinez Sr. for $1.

30 Lynnwood Drive
Theodore F. and Winifred K. Hermanson to Debra WIlliams for $270,000.

1641 Old Forge Road
Roy D. and Steven R. Martz to Kathleen and Steven N. Gingrich for $195,000.

13 Lynnwood Drive Lot 16
Wendy Jo and Dane A. Fahnestock to Wendy Jo, Dane A. and Patricia Fahenstock for $1.

32 Ladderback Lane Lot 36
Eric J. Chan, Sarah K. Hussain to Colin E. Hill, Katarina B. Holmgren for $455,000.

1260 Duke Street Lot 106 Quit Claim Deed
Brian J. and Christina A. Garl to Christina A. Garl for $1.

536 Sweetwater Drive Lot 6
Angela Turner to Angela C. and Leonard Cowitch Jr. for $1.

1137 West Main Street
Chap Gap & Zap Inc. to Oil Run Properties for $426,710.

1143 West Main Street
Chap Gap & Zap Inc. to Oil Run Properties for $174,290.

Palmyra Borough

965 East Oak Lot 48C
Fay M. Hollinger to Kathy A. Van Winkle for $154,900.

33 South Lingle Ave
Blase D. and Katie F. Sinopoli, Katie E. Flack to Blase D. and Katie F. Sinopoli for $1.

218 West Cherry Street
Lee and Vanny Nhim to Jose A. Salgero Mendoza for $225,000.

239 Macintosh Drive Lot 73
Chad E. and Jennifer J. Roe to Jennifer J. Roe for $1.

211 West Walnut Street Lots 274, 275, 276
George and Kelley D. Nahodil to Daniel R. Roesch for $180,000.

47 Cortland Crossing Lot 13
Jacob E. and Paige A. Kline to PTB Holdings for $280,000.

957 East Oak Street Lot 51D
Debra M. Garrison, Kelly C. Stone to Jim Properties for $155,000.

Richland Borough

200 East Linden Street Lot 18 and Part of Lot 19
Sharon L., Gary L., Paul M. Jr., and Dean H. Martin to Sharon L. Kline, Gary L., and Dean H. Martin for $1.

413 Oak Street Lot 29
Mark E. and Leslie A. Mitstifer to Bonita M. Ressler for $235,000.

108 South Park Street
Ralph C. and Linda D. Layser to Hunter G. Hartman for $155,000.

South Annville Township

Lot 66
Gardel, Garman Builders at Bachman Run to Jonah and Rachel Plymire for $364,623.

(UPI #29-2312229-363092-0000) Unit 14
Garman Builders at Mayapple LLC to Cheryl A. Borod for $225,000.

(UPI #29-2311952-362915-0000) Unit 44
Garman Builders at Mayapple LLC to Randy Scott for $225,284.

South Lebanon Township

6 Palm Lane Lot 184
Corey Lee. and Katelyn M. Moore to Charles T. Gross for $301,500.

2005 Leslie Avenue Lot A Etc.
Virginia B. Rosales, Maria Pagan to Elvis S. Sepulveda for $152,900.

172 Linda Way Lot 5
Narrows Glen Inc. to Randall David and Diane M. Hauschild for $97,500.

1049 Horseshoe Circle Lot 63
Sharon E. Sisko to Matt L. and Traci L. Zeller for $335,000.

20 Ridge Avenue Quit Claim Deed
Diana E. Carpenter to Diana E. Carpenter, Willie R. Sawyers III for $1.

301, 302, and 303 Fox Road
Moses G. Lapp to Moses G. and Ruth A. Lapp Jr. for $1.

121 Linda Way Lot 26
Narrows Glen Inc. to Daniel E. and Danielle S. Cevette for $507,600.

401 Horst Avenue Lot 100
Gregory D. Wentzel Estate, Jennifer L. Wentzel to Shane M. and Heather L. Schneck for $130,000.

South Londonderry Township

122 Eckert Road Lot 10
Charles E. Mcquate Estate, Jay G. and Joann M. Stohler to Mario and Teresa Ceresini for $3,000.

279 Royal Road
Jeffrey D. and Megan C. Bogart, Jennifer E. and Ryan D. Hill to Stephanie Olexovitch, John M. Jameson for $255,000.

110 Glendon Drive Lot 7
Mt. Pleasant Ventures, Musser S. Gerald Builder to Nathan R. and Jennifer L. Shirk for $122,900.

101 Bridle Avenue Lot 16
Christian Paul and Elizabeth A. Sheehan to Renee and Michael Flasher for $407,250.

123 Springbrook Drive Lot 6
Joseph T. and Helen E. Blade to National Residential Nominee Services Inc. for $349,000.

841 Beech Street Lot 104
CF Land Holdings LLC to Grace E. Swisher for $219,000.

8 Conewago Hill Drive
Gregory Pappariella to Vanessa G. Schneider for $510,000.

Swatara Township

93 Cemetary Road
Dennis J. and Heather J. Via Jr. to Edward V. Lopinto, Amanda R. Sowers for $276,000.

1894 Kenbrook Road
Michael D. and Faith M. Weaver to Caleb J. and Kendra F. Zimmerman for $380,000.

1892 Kenbrook Road
Michael D. and Faith M. Weaver to Caleb J. and Kendra F. Zimmerman for $58,000.

13 Oldfield Avenue Unit 68
Tyler S. Boyer, Theresa R. Liptak to Tyler S. and Theresa R. Boyer for $1.

39 Wildflower Circle Lot 97
Enrique Aleman, Nelida and Emanuel A. Hernandez to Logan T. and Katherine M. Wasielewski for $320,000.

265 Werner Road Lot 3
Scott A. Kreiser to Scott A. and Wendi M. Kreiser for $0.

Union Township

18 Colonial Drive Lot 4
Caleb J. and Kendra F. Zimmerman to Joshua and Danielle Short for $207,000.

West Cornwall Township

207 Glossbrenner Avenue Lot 14
Peter J. and Carolyn K. Harris to Jeff M. and Wendy A. Thompson for $157,000.

445 Lori Ann Court Lot 5
Paulette K. Hafer to Brad A. and Meridith B. Hardisty for $550,000.

NS Quentin Road
Thremax Realty to Thremax Realty for $1.

202, 204, 206, and 208 Riders Way Lots 78, 79, 80, and 81
Frederick S. and Victoria J. Wolf to Wolf Trust for $1.

West Lebanon Township

420 North 23rd Street
Stephen R. Mohlenhoff, Madalena Grande to Jeremiah Gruber for $70,000.

ES North 25th Street
William P. and Linda L. Hartmann to William P. Hartmann for $1.

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