The opening of a new school takes quite of bit of time, effort, and dedication. For Our Lady of the Cross School, an independent Catholic school situated in North Lebanon Township, this goal was achieved with a little help from its friends.

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In the renovation period leading up to the opening of the school on Sept. 13, a group of students, family members, alumni, and other community members worked hard to prepare the school for its first year of classes. The renovation process took a mere 11 days.

The school, located at 1691 Grace Avenue, is financially independent from the Diocese of Harrisburg and local churches but teaches a curriculum similar to other Catholic schools supported by the diocese. It is operated by the LC Strong Foundation, which was established following the closure of Lebanon Catholic School in the spring of 2020. LC Strong describes itself as “a group of students, teachers, staff, families, and community members who support Lebanon Catholic.”

Two volunteers help tidy up the edge of the parking lot at the school, formerly the home of Youth for Christ.
Several painters tackle the interior of the building.
Once the edges are taken care of, it’s time to bust out the paint rollers.

LC Strong also owns the building, which it purchased for $925,000 after attempts to purchase the former Lebanon Catholic School building failed. The latter had gone on market for $2.45 million and, according to county property records, has not yet sold.

More painting to finish up in the bathrooms.
A group of young workers in the process of landscaping the perimeter of the building.
The combined effort of a dedicated group of volunteers was instrumental in finishing the renovations in just 11 days.

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