Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County.

Annville Township

16 West Summit Street
PA Deals, Marie Buys Houses to Jasmine L. Sotto for $203,000.

615 East Walnut Street Lot 21
Ray A. and Barbara A. Kreider to Peter E. Parys for $203,000.

314, 315, and 316 West Main Street
Vincent J. and Teresa A. Viozzi to Eshleman Holdings LLC for $200,000.

Bethel Township

24 Fairway Drive Lots 84 and 85
Steven R. and Brooke R. George to Steven R. and Brooke R. George for $1.

660 Mountain Drive
Loren A. Stoner to Dennis E. Shuey for $165,000.

989 Frystown Road Lot 1
Nathan P. and Dorie L. Maulfair to Liam T. and Jacklyn M. OBrien for $485,000.

15 Claires Way Lot 17 Corrective Deed
Blue Mountain Property Management Inc., Blue Mountain Property MGMT LLC to Blue Mountain Property MGMT LLC for $1.

593 Blue Mountain Road Lot 7
Frank Hutterer Jr., Victoria Graft to Jeffrey A. Thome for $270,000.

296 Mill Road Lot 4
Dustin M. and Elizabeth R. Hart to Michael S. Bixler for $260,000.

38 Fairway Drive Lot 81
Jordan D. and Lyndy Harding to Emily E. and Dennis J. Speck Jr. for $276,000.

134 Lake Side Drive Lot 81
Roy E. Parker to Evan L. Smith for $164,500.

City of Lebanon

417 North 7th Street
Premier Home Solutions to WSB Properties LLC for $225,000.

427 Willow Street
Sand Spring Apartments to Lauren A. K. Ward for $120,000.

940 Hauck Street
Christopher T. and Sara Minerick to Kurtis J. and Hannah L. Ehlers for $200,000.

25 South 4th Street
Frank K. Bosworth III Trust, Robert P. Bosworth, Gerald E. Darling to Bilary Property Group for $111,600.

420 North 10th Street
Angela M. Fuhrman, Gina L. Cranford to Argentina H. Castro, Clementino L. Marte for $69,300.

812 Cornwall Road
William H. and Mary K. Kale to Shawn W. Naftzinger for $175,000.

SS Weidman Street
Eleanor L. Krall to RMRR Properties for $18,000.

429 North Gannon Street
Cesar D. L. Torres to Cesar N. D. L. R. Espinosa for $85,000.

635 East Weidman Street
Ann L. Shreiner to Katelynn M. Gardner, Justin I. Carrero for $153,000.

371 North 8th Street
Timothy W. and Brenda A. Jones to Nelson M. Espinal for $155,000.

906, 907, and 908 Walnut Street
M & N Property Management Company to Premier Home Solutions for $80,000.

518 Walnut Street
Roberto Ortiz to Hasaun Grigger for $36,000.

1511 Washington Street Lot 141 and Part of Lot 140
Herman W. and Patricia A. Dundore to C. Timothy and Sandra K. Stormfeltz for $1.

31 Chesnut Street
John E. and Brenda J. Landis to Jeremiah J. Zimmerman for $75,000.

221 East Pershing Avenue Lots 535, 536. 537, 538, and 539
Joseph L. and Kathleen J. Elder Jr. to Erik W. and Valerie A. Itzen for $289,000.

134 South 3rd Street
Mary K. Starry to Starrwar Properties LLC, Starr War Properties LLC for $80,000.

33 East Locust Street Lot 283
Debra A. Coen to Jay P. Patel for $150,000.

328 Canal Street
Christina M. Heisey to Ross M. Sattazahn for $120,500.

137 Lehman Street
David J. and Brenda R. Garrett Sr. to Elpido and Sebastiana Suarez for $140,000.

618 State Drive
Daryn and Anita Derstine to S L Stoner, Stoner S L for $170,000.

410 Weidman Street
Scott M. Keath to Reputable Streamline Properties for $25,500.

516 Maple Street
Beth A. Roth, Bryan A. Ziegler to Bryan A. Ziegler, Beth A. Roth for $1.

372 North 10th Street
Sylvia Cornett to Vilerbi R. D. Pena for $139,000.

513 Weidman Street
Jordan M. and Courtney S. Sauder to Samuel D. and Hannah R. Groff for $126,900.

Cleona Borough

(UPI #11-2339879-366522-0000) Lot 41
Sarin Mam, Lundy Men to Seema Rai for $275,000.

Cornwall Borough

1001 Alden Way Lot 1
William N. and Lorraine V. Long to Paul S. and Sharon Glick for $270,000.

1030 Bell Tower Drive Unit 455
Cornwall Associates LP, Alden Homes at Cornwall Inc. to Barry M. Breneman, Elizabeth A. Botten for $298,666.

404 Granite Street Lot 71
Jennifer L. Brindley to Michael J. and Jennifer L. Gerace for $1.

1046 Stanford Drive Unit 163
Gerard J. Karli to Thomas M. Spahr Living Trust, Thomas M. Spahr for $270,000.

103 Furnace Street
John A. Ovates Estate, John A. Ovates Jr. Estate, M. Nancy and William F. Deliberty to Jedd A. and Julianna J. Musser for $192,000.

232 Rexmont Road
John T. Gabriel Estate, Thomas J. Gabriel to Thomas J. Gabriel for $1.

232 Rexmont Road
Thomas J. Gabriel to Jeffrey L. Gabriel for $1.

East Hanover Township

WS Race Horse Drive Lot 3
Ricky L. Mack, Debra M. Cunkle to Gerry J. and Ricky L. Mack for $1.

10 Lincoln School Road
Richard L. and Sophie R. Light to Samuel R. Light for $90,000.

10685 Jonestown Road
John I. Laudermilch to Paul L. and Betty M. Weaver for $30,000.

Heidelberg Township

354 Sunnyside Road
John M. and Lisa M. Buckwalter Jr. to Nathan L. and Denise Zimmerman for $910,000.

Jackson Township

880 East Main Avenue
Fern L. Blatt to Gerald C. and Jeffrey J. Blatt, Patricia F. Brandt, Rose M. Johnson for $1.

77 Arbor Drive Lot 39 Block B
Betty B. Christi to Betty B. Christi, Robert J. Dash for $1.

54 Pineapple Road
Ruth Hoover Estate, Ruth N. Hoover Estate, Galen M. Martin to Phyllis Mast, Janet Lehman, Carl Hoover, Rhoda Miller, Lynda Gingerich for $1.

546 East Lincoln Avenue
Ryan A. and Sierra Gettle to Alice Bachman for $134,900.

1 Arbor Drive Lot 1
Edward R. Edwards to Edward R. and Kim A. Edwards, Sheila K. Houtz for $1.

900 Tulpehocken Road
Amy L. and Alex V. Schouten to Alex V. and Amy L. Schouten for $1.

517 King Street
Oldcastle Infrastructure Inc. to Trackside Property for $2,616,500.

502 East Rosebud Road
Galen and Rosalie F. Hoover to Corey J. and Ashley N. Hickernell for $170,300.

400 Golf Road Lot 7
Thomas D. and Rosene K. Powell to Braden Horning for $292,500.

54 Pineapple Road
Phyllis Mast, Janet Lehman, Carl Hoover, Rhoda Miller, Lynda Gingerich. to Carl Hoover for $1.

5 Legacy Lane Lot 46
Todd D. and Dawn C. Lawrence to Alex and Amy Schouten for $140,000.

819 Hilltop Road
Dash Management Group to Rodger C. and Christine A. Mountz for $220,500.

Jonestown Borough

129 East Market Street Lot 178
Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC, M & T Bank to Dean Brubaker for $68,000.

342 Swatara Creek Drive Lot T-149
Blanche G. Wonderly to Nathan D. and Haley A. Bauman for $175,000.

Millcreek Township

17 Abbey Lane Lot 77
Gladys M. Edwards to Bernard L. Seger Revocable Trust, Ruth R. Seger Revocable Trust, Barbara Lammers, Donald Seger for $225,000.

21 North Sheridan Road
Hickernell Trust, Scott and Lynn J. Hickernell to James A. Rhoads for $250,000.

9 Sweetwater Lane Lot 295
Peter B. Shirk Living Trust, Naomi H. Shirk Living Trust, Peter B. and Naomi H. Shirk, John E. Eberly to Leonard B. and Cindy L. Smith for $223,082.

20 Woods Lane
Joel L. Wampler to Jean P. and Emily M. Santos for $395,000.

11 Edgemont Lane Lot 142
Judd M. and Cuong K. Nguyen to Barbara J. Brennan for $268,000.

Mt. Gretna Borough

6 Muhlenberg Avenue
Michael S. and Laura J. Charelian to Dandi Properties for $238,000.

Myerstown Borough

303-303 1/2 East Main Avenue
Benjamin S. and Samuel R. Moyer to Dans Rentals LLC for $162,500.

5 East Washington Avenue
Gerald L. Yeakley Sr. Estate, Gerald L. Yeakley Jr., Christine A. Bringman to Robert Yeakley for $241,000.

20 North Railroad Street
Marie and William Heffelfinger III, Sharon Hoke to Delvin R. and Courtney N. Zimmerman for $94,000.

704 South Railroad Street
Olivia R. Ginder to Mallory Stokes for $195,000.

North Annville Township

945 North Route 934
Cynthia M. Condran to Cynthia M. Condran for $1.

935 North Route 934
Cynthia M. Condran to Cynthia M. Condran for $1.

280 Clear Spring Road Part of Lot 10
Brian G. Keck to Brian G. and Tina M. Keck for $1.

North Cornwall Township

503 Byler Circle Unit 20
Nathan A. and Matthew A. Keller to Matthew A. Keller for $100,000.

128 Millview Court Lot 128
David W. Baker Estate, Frederick T. Heilman to Space Search for $90,000.

1929 Carlton Drive Lot B-9
Francis E. Diggins Estate, Bernard J. Diggins to Gianfranco Valdez for $140,000.

238 Troon Way Lot 56
Betsy A. and Jason Hamer to Jason A. Hamer for $1.

1309 Nowlen Street
Rose M. Kish to Angela J. Wolfe for $214,000.

(UPI #26-2339200-359700-0000) Deed In Lieu Of Condemnation
Richard C. and Carol J. Kreider to County of Lebanon, Lebanon County for $1,245,480.

267 South 22nd Street
Herman W. and Patricia A. Dundore to Vicente R. Lemus for $254,000.

504 Cleona Boulevard Lot 45 and Part of Lots 46 and 46B
Tyler R. Wilbur to Michael L. and Jennifer A. S. Boyer for $245,000.

504 Byler Circle Unit 53
Dean R. P. and Caitlin M. P. Howey to Jeremy and Samantha Hibbs for $189,000.

2018 Greystone Drive Lot 147
Dennis J. and Emily Speck Jr. to Chandra P. Kaflay, Nobin Kafley for $183,500.

1803 Center Street
Jean M. Smith, Beth L. Bennett to James A. Smith, Brenda L. Berkheiser for $90,000.

1719 Center Street
Tiffany K. Imboden to Pamela M. Weidman for $117,000.

840 Norman Drive Lot 28
Madhukar R., Minaxi M., Mehul M., and Megha P. Patel to RCHS Holdings for $300,000.

North Lebanon Township

1608 Colonial Circle Lot 13
Richard K. and Kelly A. Surber to Trenton L. and Sabrina N. R. Jones Sr. for $344,500.

1332 Sandhill Road Lot 20
Kathleen A. Watson to United Enterprises for $70,000.

1649 North 8th Avenue Lot 36
Matthew L. and Brianna L. Hoke to Matthew L. and Brianna L. Hoke for $1.

1539 Sholly Avenue Lot 74
Jose Serrano, Marisol Vazquez to Jesse N. Lewis, Rhonda M. Rumore for $255,000.

937 Oak Lane
Theodore J. and Wenda L. Bomgardner to Bomgardner Family Irrevocable Trust, Theodore J. Bomgardner, Christy L. Mannino, Tara B. Czuday for $1.

1417 Sandhill Road Lot 10
Bryce and Hannah Hare to Tonya L. Dove for $175,000.

ES Water Street
William N. Garrison to William N. Garrison, Sabrena L. Hartley for $1.

926 Miller Street
Judith A. Breidegan to Michael A. Shuey for $140,000.

1655 North 7th Street
John B. and Stephanie L. Nagle to Mervin L. and Jewel D. Mullet for $160,000.

736 Barbara Ann Drive Lot 32
George D. and Darlene M. Rankin to Jerry and Patricia Hart for $255,000.

1632 Josephine Ann Drive Lot 54
Linda M. Martz Estate, Becky J. Diaz, Michael T. Heffelfinger to Michael T. Heffelfinger, Becky J. DIaz for $1.

1755 State Route 72
Camo Enterprises to Heilmandale Road Owner for $200,000.

Deed of Confirmation 1755 State Route 72 North
Camo Enterprises to Camo Enterprises for $1.

Statement of Adverse Possession 1672 North 7th Street
Unknown Owners and Owners to Kenneth C. and Debra A. Hoover for $0.

200 Strack Drive
Barbara R. Ellsworth to Burton L. Ellsworth for $1.

1140 Cedar Crest Drive
Dona L. and Daniel M. Quinn to Daniel M. Quinn for $1.

1635 Parkway Drive
Kathleen A. and Lenora Kaighn to Arden A. and Tina M. Snook for $56,000.

2416 Long Lane
Alicia R. Gilbert to Bret E. and Alicia R. Orwig for $176,500.

North Londonderry Township

941 North Forge Road
Miriam M. Patrick Estate, Ferlin E. Patrick to Lynne C. Andrews, Nicole E. Gray for $225,000.

970 South Franklin Street
Walter I. Bixler Revocable Living Trust, Blanche A. Bixler Revocable Living Trust, Donald W., Jonathan, and David M. Bixler to Martin Dusel Revocable Living Trust, Maxine Dusel Revocable Living Trust, Martin R. and Maxine R. Dusel for $242,000.

379 Lewis Road
Susan M. Slaughter to Frank W. Valvano for $466,000.

20 Windsor Way Lot 87
Ella F. Jones Estate, E. Frances Jones Estate, Ella Jones Estate, James P. McCarthy to Neal Family Trust, Suzanne and Ronald J. Neal for $335,000.

608 Cambridge Court Plot 72
Mary A. Shearer to Ivory Porch Properties for $207,000.

1 North Londonderry Square
Mahagauri Realty to Ambe Realty LLC for $900,000.

1354 Cambridge Court Plot 258
Robert L. and Patricia C. Williams to Rachel M. Hughes for $1.

732 South Lincoln Street Lots 12, 13, and 14
Walter F. and Carissa B. Knight IV to Snowshoe Properties for $260,000.

100 Bradley Road Lot 19
Bradly S. and Linda J. Lalim to John A. and Jennifer A. Kirk for $300,000.

870 South Grant Street
Justin R. and Melissa A. Gernert to Emily G. Kissinger for $210,000.

935 South Prince Street
Jennie E. Horstick Estate, Ronald C. Horstick to Jeremy Newton for $245,000.

45 Waterford Lane Lot 111
Matthew J. and Sarah B. Rabuck to Sagar and Khina Upreti for $350,000.

Palmyra Borough

120, 121, and 122 North Railroad Street
William V. and Gail A. Pauza to Beyond Holdings for $220,000.

130 North Railroad Street
William V. and Gail A. Pauza to Beyond Holdings for $265,000.

848 East Cherry Street
Thomas J. and Jennifer A. Chesney to Eliessa F. Caplan, Ruth Kruger for $274,900.

407 South Lincoln Street
Alan R. and Stephanie S. Strayer to Abigail K. Hess for $244,000.

828 East Maple Street Part of Lots 146 and 147
Bernice M. Bossler to Bernice M. Bossler Irrevocable Trust, Kimberly A. Evans for $1.

330 East Cherry Street
Michael L. and Jennifer A. Boyer to April K. and Queintin S. Jones for $175,089.

531 East Cherry Street
Karl P. Adey Estate, Karl Paul Adey Estate, Karen B. Adey to Karen B. Adey for $1.

404 West Cherry Street
Jack S., Joan M., and Nicole L. Albright to Nicole L. Albright for $1.

136 East Oak Street
Steven A. Kreider to Debra K., Carl D., and Joan M. Boltz for $175,000.

508 North Railroad Street
Celena M. and Christian E. McKinney, Alexis G. Hughes to Sherry Urey for $158,000.

Richland Borough

201 Spruce Street Lot 1
Leon H. Horning Revocable Living Trust, Edna L. Horning Revocable Living Trust, Leon H. and Edna L. Horning to David J. and Mary A. Stoltzfus for $540,000.

4 Filbert Alley
Albert T. Clemens to Levi K. Stoltzfus for $80,000.

South Annville Township

556 Horseshoe Trail Drive Lot 57
Thomas A. Lloyd to Thomas A. and Aaron T. Lloyd for $1.

(UPI #29-2311884-362790-0000) Unit 110 Building 23
Garman Builders at Mayapple LLC to Robert J. and Florence Wallace for $285,990.

794 Sylvan Lane Lot 15
Todd M. and Susan M. Fies to Christopher and Leigh Clemens for $170,000.

700 Mine Road Lot 1
Noble D. Anderson to Seth R. Anderson for $1.

South Lebanon Township

19 Norfolk Lane Lot 85
Lyndsay M. and Brock C. Lichtenfels to Richard and Janet Roediger for $360,000.

11 Southfield Road Lot 38
Jeffrey Beare to Jeffrey and Barbara J. Beare for $10.

513 Worth Street
Robin M. Sholly to Frank L. and Kuuipo K. Vierra for $206,000.

345 Poplar Street
Robert and Cynthia Saylor to Tyler C. and Stephanie E. Waters for $230,000.

895 South 3rd Street Lot 7
Angela J. Wolfe to Grant and Bethany Straiton for $175,000.

1 Rutherford Circle Lot 59
Thao H. and Kelly R. R. Nguyen to Bhakti and Hemanta Subedi for $576,300.

13 Beckleys Corner Lot 8
Gerald S. Musser Builder to Colton Muraira, Adriana Barr for $86,900.

100 Vine Street
Elizabeth A. Kreider, Ralph N. Earp to Richard N. and Teresa J. Lehman Jr. for $244,860.

903 South Third Avenue
Louise B. Dissinger Estate, Louis Dissinger Estate, Thomas Bennett to Denise Caverly for $190,000.

810 South 1st Avenue
Benjamin R. Harris to Larissa Martin for $190,000.

South Londonderry Township

627 Saddle Road Lot 55
Joshua Bowman to Joshua D. Bowman for $1.

122 Forest Circle Lot 44
Joseph A. and Joan E. Lafrance to Roselei A. Joseph for $185,000.

137 Brookwood Drive
Charles R. and Carley D. Faust III to Julie L. Ditmer for $225,000.

15 Harvest Mill Lane Unit 69
Jennifer L. Cook to Nicholas A. Stoner for $222,000.

43 Springhaven Court Unit 221
Charlotte A. and Glenn D. Wolfe to Joseph A. and Elizabeth L. Clancy for $375,000.

2018 South Forge Road Lot A Etc.
Suzanne M. Fasnacht Estate, Keri S. Clay to Gerald L. and Janice M. Musser for $290,000.

813 Hoffer Road Lot 1
John J. Miller to Justin R. and Melissa A. Gernert for $319,000.

1925 South Forge Road Lot 60
Zakary E. Miller to Gregory Kroah for $210,000.

1011 Darlene Avenue Lot 105
Joshua and Megan Eaton to Richard B. and M. Elizabeth Andrews for $208,000.

192 Fox Road Lot 32
Christopher and Geni Fisher to Christopher and Geni Fisher for $1.

Swatara Township

217 Irene Drive
Josette J. Amill to Rocco D. Ferrandino, Alisha R. Wengert for $155,000.

2215 State Route 72 North
Marlin D. Champ to Wilson E. and Danyeil Champ for $162,000.

515 North Mill Street Lot 54
Brian L. Thompson, Susan L. Butera to Brian L. Thompson for $1.

6 Greble Road
Tyler M. Walborn to Tyler M. and Bryce A. Walborn for $1.

276 Cindy Drive Lot 102
Brandon A. Smith to Kim and Sanford Gray for $170,500.

104 Sweetbriar Lane Lot 52
Juan A. Irizarry, Lucrecia Garcia to Jose A. O. Perez, Irma R. P. Rosado for $418,000.

15 New Bunker Hill Road Lot 9 Etc.
Marie E. Dreibelbis Estate, Heidi J. Rodriguez, Keith A. Dreibelbis, Carol A. Tsardakas to Nathan L. and Philip Baugher for $307,000.

Union Township

62 Whitts End Lane
Patricia and William M. Gross to Brian White for $300,000.

41 Acorn Lane
Gary and Kathryn Longenecker to Steven M. and Carey Manz for $1.

50 Huckleberry Road
James R. Gross to James R. and Lisa M. Gross for $1.

E of Church Lane
Ricky L., Debra K., and Gerry J. Mack to Debra K. Mack for $1.

191 Moonshine Road Lot 3
John S. and Marlene McCaffery to Dustin M. and Elizabeth R. Hart for $385,000.

West Cornwall Township

414 State Route 117 Part of Lot 4
Joan M. Ditzler to Andrew D. Crew for $230,000.

600 2nd Street Lots 61 and 63
Allison J. and Andrew B. Clements to Andrew B. and Allison J. Clements for $1.

1104 Alden Way
Helen M. Kegerreis Estate, Fannie S. Martin to Kenneth and Carol A. Betz for $280,000.

(UPI #34-2326085-339473-0000) Lot 7
Eastern Enterprises Inc. to Eastern Enterprises Inc. for $1.

West Lebanon Township

1824 Church Street
Equity Trust Company, Matthew Wagner IRA to Justin M., Jennifer L., and Austin M. Drahovsky for $30,000.

342 North 21st Street
Ratha San to David A. Cabasquini, Rosalyn Mongkon for $130,000.

2116 Church Street
Jessica O. Martinez, Juan L. Vargas to Jessica O. Martinez for $15,000.

603 North 22nd Street
Rebekah M. Fogelsanger, Thyme A. Bowsman, Kathleen M. Snyder to Thyme A. Bowsman for $1.

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