Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County.

Annville Township

43 South Manheim Street
Randy L. and Stephanie D. Fick to Scott Graby for $127,900.

41 South King Street
Amy Good to Jacob Alwine for $136,000.

Bethel Township

949 Pine Grove Road
Travis A. and Jamie L. Byerly to Travis A. and Dorinda Byerly for $1.

1383 Greble Road
Carl W. Sensenig to Carl W. and Lloyd G. Sensenig for $1.

459 South Center Street
Sharon A. and Todd S. Lucabaugh to Sharon A. Lucabaugh for $1.

432 School Drive Lot 7
Gary R. and Kathleen J. Messinger to Gary R. Messinger Jr., Pamela C. Messinger for $150,000.

City of Lebanon

458 New Street
Zachary Simone to Roberto S. Perez, Perla M. G. Lora for $55,000.

916 Quentin Road
Kevin L. and Sandra K. Smith to Maria M. Espinal for $125,000.

123 South 5th Street
James A. Riss Jr. to Central PA Express LLC for $57,000.

225 East Chestnut Street
Chad Hurst to Robert J. and Lori J. Marinkov for $175,000.

427 and 442 North 11th Street Etc. Quit Claim Deed
HMI Co. to Harold E. and Audrey R. Dice for $1.

156 South Hanover Street
Mary A. Newmaster to Starrwar Properties, Starr War Properties for $10,000.

136 East Maple Street
Rebecca V. Palm to Jose R. C. Padin for $124,000.

408 North 2nd Street
Michael S. and Leanne L. Batz to Integrity First Home Buyers for $56,000.

1601 Oak Street
Millpond Properties to Charles M. and Lou A. Vlasic Jr. for $235,000.

510 Walnut Street
Kayla C. Travis to Jalpa N. Patel for $51,000.

815 South 12th Street
Linda K. Duncan, Timothy Engler to I360Realty.Com LLC, I360 Realty Com LLC for $84,000.

50 Mifflin Street
Zdzislaw M. Barczyk Estate, Ankur Shah to Smita Real Estate for $75,400.

55 Mifflin Street
L & S Property Ventures to Barbara J. and Jeffrey A. Beare for $134,900.

135 East Maple Street
Claudia S. Lawrence to Rod B. Ilgenfritz for $1.

314 East Cumberland Street Part of Lot 25
Marilyn M. Greish Estate, Melody Greish Richardson to William J. Shay Jr. for $90,000.

540 North 8th Street Part of Lot 82
Premier Home Solutions to Daniel J. Schaak for $73,000.

23, 25, and 27 South 8th Street
Steven E. Dice to Jeffrey Zimmerman for $400,000.

115, 116, and 117 North 9th Street
Premier Home Solutions to Amos L. Zook for $120,000.

538 Lehman Street
Ellen M. Hernley to Revital Home Co. LLC for $35,000.

1406 Elm Street
Debra A. Carpenter to Steven M. ONeal for $102,000.

361 North Second Street
Integrity First Home Buyers to Yee Su for $149,995.

1529 Elm Street
Kathleen M. Glover, Michael D. Terry to Chester P. and Jorgi M. Meashey for $201,000.

312 East Locust Street Lots 454 and 455
Annette M. Arnold to Christopher R. Link, Julianna A. Pietrobono for $185,000.

425 Arnold Street
Shenendoah Podolak to Cody J. and Madison G. Snyder, Tyler E. Martin for $55,000.

17 East Pershing Avenue
John E. Gable to Abihail D. Sedra for $205,000.

922 Elizabeth Street
Gregory and Kathy Drahovsky to Tabitha A. Gibson for $102,000.

1017 Orchard Avenue
Todd and Jennifer McConnell to Dallas R. Noll for $45,000.

Cleona Borough

16 West Walnut Street
Mohammed Konneh, Brenda Davis to Raymond and Lois Hurst for $180,000.

118 East Penn Avenue
Katherine S. Matusiak, Katherine S. and Tyler C. Senft to Katherine S. and Tyler C. Senft for $1.

120 South Wilson Street Etc. Lot 137 and Part of Lots 135 and 136
Patrick S. and Alexis M. Leahy to Patrick S. Leahy for $1.

Cornwall Borough

355 Boyd Street Lot 56
Irvin R. and Mary K. Snavely to Wendell Leid for $117,500.

325 Pamela Lane Lot 83
Christopher D. and Abigail E. Capone to Yarelen Rivera for $165,000.

1016 Northgate Drive Lot 7
Cornwall Associates LP, Alden Homes at Cornwall Inc. to Peter T. and Susan K. Coleman for $419,884.

618 Aspen Lane Lot 138
Robert L. and Donna H. Cummings to Daniel J. Alfaro, James C. Schmitt for $394,900.

635 Aspen Lane Lot 110
Russell P. Demanczyk Estate, Russell Demanczyk Estate, Russell Peter Demanczyk Estate, Barbara J. Guarente, Thomas P. Russo to Justin Heagy for $250,000.

1034 Bell Tower Drive Unit 453
Cornwall Associates LP, Alden Homes at Cornwall Inc. to James V. and Lori J. Byrne Jr. for $409,691.

206 Rex Street
Andrew J. and Erin L. Trovinger to Emily F. Burke for $214,700.

1035 Stanford Drive Unit 181
Cornwall Associates LP, Alden Homes at Cornwall Inc. to Sandra J. Cushman for $355,636.

312 Spring Hill Lane Lot 53
Andrew B. and Allison B. Clements to Andrew B. and Allison B. Clements for $1.

East Hanover Township

17, 18, and 19 Park Drive
Carol E. Kreiser Estate, Crystal S. Buechner to Scott A. Stouffer for $50,000.

1963 Blacks Bridge Road Lot 1
Rebecca S. Keim to Rebecca S. Keim, Bradley M. Jumper for $1.

715 Ono Road
Integrity First Home Buyers, CR Property Group to Austin Bowers for $185,000.

Heidelberg Township

103 Maple Street
Edna A. Good to Virginia L. Dulabohn for $322,000.

320 Albright Road
Dawn L., Duane L., and Darryl L Koch, Denise L. Hogeland to Karl H. and Nancy L. Koch for $1.

110 Wood Lane Lot 5
Michael A. and Elizabeth A. Pedia to Andrew and Kimberly B. Cassel for $278,500.

Jackson Township

33 North Ramona Road
George D. and Mary E. Wolfe to Charles R. and Heidi J. Kline for $350,000.

406 East Rosebud Road Lots 4 and 5
Janine S. Malin to Mark R. Blouch, Taylor A. Moyer for $230,000.

57 Laurel Drive
Jimmy and Rebecca Thelusca to Rebecca Thelusca for $1.

10 Lorraine Avenue
George F. Seibert Jr., Janet Y. Seibert to Janine S. Malin for $235,000.

Jonestown Borough

340 Swatara Creek Drive Lot T-150
DTS Rentals Inc. to Sarorn Mom for $170,000.

140 East Queen Street
Christopher C. and Christine N. Stouffer to Juan B. Richetti for $185,000.

177 East Queen Street
Leroy A. and Barbara A. Showers to Craig E. Steiner for $164,750.

Millcreek Township

37 Village Drive Lot 189
Paul B. and Samantha J. Moore to Paul B. Moore for $10.

211 Reistville Road
Lebanon Valley Community Bible Church, ELCO Bible Church, Church Lebanon Valley Community Bible Church, Church ELCO Bible Church to Leon E. and Donna L. Ziegler for $168,000.

61 South Mountain Road
Mary A. Ulrich to Shane L. Zimmerman for $177,100.

18 Abbey Lane Lot 42
Scott A. Zellers to Angel E. T. Lopez, Keila N. Rodriguez for $224,900.

340 West Main Street Lot 1
Philip K. Hansen to Matthew M. Hole for $160,000.

7 Sweetwater Lane Lot 296
Peter B. Shirk Living Trust, Naomi H. Shirk Living Trust, Peter B. and Naomi H. Shirk, John E. Everly to Andrew and Regina Horst for $279,348.

30 Memorial Boulevard Lot 4 and Part of Lot 5
Christopher G. and Jenna R. Heagy to Peggy Beck for $155,000.

4 North Fort Zellers Road Lot 1
153-135 Family Limited Liability Company, 153 135 Family Limited Liability Company to Wilson B. and Darlene B. Hoover for $275,000.

30 Progress Drive Lot 72
Melvia A. Boyer to Zachary E. Bricker for $210,000.

Mt. Gretna Borough

118 Harvard Avenue Lot 61
Deborah A. Early, Loren A. Schrum to Edward Davis, Cary Schoakemoehl for $322,400.

208 Harvard Avenue Lots 65 and 66
James T. and Elizabeth E. Rogers to Corey and Kristin A. Enck for $300,000.

Myerstown Borough

103 East Muth Avenue
Tech Cast Holdings LLC to Rebecca V. Palm for $145,000.

105 East Muth Avenue
Tech Cast Holdings LLC to Casey L. Tobias for $55,000.

108 North College Street
Grace E. Derr Estate, Cynthia A. Behler to Seth D. Moyer for $140,000.

216 East Carpenter Avenue Lot 29
Jacob and Joelle Geib to Mario E. Castillo Sr. for $216,000.

North Annville Township

891 Palmyra Bellegrove Road
Joan M. Sallada to Joan M. Sallada for $1.

870 Palmyra Bellegrove Road Lot 18 and 19
Barbara E. Cole to Anthony M. Montgomery, Danyelle C. Levan for $242,000.

NS Heilmandale Road Lot 4
Kathleen F. Eisenhour, Linda S. Johnson, Glen R. Hess to Ronald S. Merkel Jr., Brenda Merkel for $80,000.

NS Heilmandale Road Lots 3 and 4
Ronald S. Merkel Jr., Brenda Merkel to Ronald S. Merkel Jr., Brenda Merkel for $1.

North Cornwall Township

1316 Kreiser Street
Grace M. Fake Estate, Edward D. Fake to Edward R. and Marilyn L. Zimmerman for $140,000.

1608 Center Street
Bruce A. Brandt to Marilys Sepulveda, Carlos J. G. Miranda for $161,500.

2179 Penn Street Lot 233
A & R Partners to Hilltop Investment Properties LLC for $170,000.

215 Reist Road Lot 4
Garry L. Yingst Estate, Shawn Yingst, Cheryl Givler to Heather R. Givler, Christy Yingst for $1.

WS Cornwall Road
Daniel E. Shenk to Daniel E. and Gwen M. Shenk for $1.

2000 Carlton Drive
Doris Kohr to Kerry J. Lodish Jr., Desiree C. Lodish for $148,000.

701 Farmwood Lane Unit 61
Builder Services Group Inc., Kenneth Homes to Joseph Anthony for $218,360.

2171 Penn Street Lot 229 Corrective Deed
Kimberly and Kieran Holahan to Ramsay S. Kurban for $172,000.

923 Meadowood Circle Lot 207
James J. and Pamela S. Johnston to David M. Kaley for $539,900.

2125 Acorn Court
Wendy J. Wills to Shannon M. Miller for $175,000.

2091 Greystone Drive
Marisel Gonzalez, Hector J. N. Mejia to Mohamed A. Fouz for $185,000.

North Lebanon Township

1833 Ashton Drive Lot 5
Henry Javier Rivera Alvarez Estate, Yarelen Rivera, Yamilis Y. R. Melendez to Michael Simmers for $260,000.

123 Ginger Court Unit 182
Landmark Homes at Sweetbriar Inc. to Virginia M. Geissler for $434,404.

127 Ginger Court Unit 180
Landmark Homes at Sweetbriar Inc. to John Z. Hoover Jr., Tanya L. Hoover for $393,972.

909 Sycamore Lane Lot 909
Sara A. Fenstermaker to Suk Limbu, Sanchi Rai for $258,000.

1633 Greenwood Drive Lot 1633
Leroy H., Lance R., Joan J., and Joan H. Lightner to Yvonne Hiltabrand for $245,000.

1380 Sholly Avenue
David S. Weiant to David S. and Kim D. Weiant for $1.

300 Sunset Lane
Keith F. Powell Sr., Kim L. Powell to Keith F. Powell Sr. for $1.

1390 Meadowbrook Lane Lot 43
David C. and Jacqueline M. Ermold to Jeremiah G. and Madeline R. Frankland for $173,900.

2024 Hill Street
Edward H. and Anita L. Williams to Perry Painting Staining and Powerwashing for $148,000.

1690 Heilmandale Road Part of Lot 2 Quit Claim Deed
Rhoda K. Lauver to Michael A. and Sherri L. Blouch for $1.

1690 Heilmandale Road
Michael A. and Sherri L. Blouch to Michael A. and Sherri L. Blouch for $1.

1617 Greenwood Drive
Shawn M. and Angela M. Philip to David W. Himes Jr., Jessica R. Himes for $238,000.

North Londonderry Township

40 East Larch Street
Yesenia C. Rivera, Roy J. Schvemer to Jose A. Garcia, Abigail S. Arrabal for $272,500.

350 Palmyra Bellegrove Road
Matthew T. Griffe to Matthew T. and Wilhelmina M. Griffe for $1.

301 Wheatstone Drive Lot 204
Gary A. and Annette D. Mastrangelo to Bhawani P. and Damanta D. Dangal for $351,000.

1104 South Green Street Lot 117
Dean D. and Barbara L. Fernsler to John W. and Gwen E. Campbell for $294,500.

1013 South Green Street
Brian S. Hollenbach, Melissa M. Bell to Brian S. and Melissa M. Hollenbach for $1.

Palmyra Borough

940 East Maple Street
Kenneth A. Pushnik Estate, Gary Rhine to Bhupendra, Shalini, Ragvendra, Shivani Singh for $154,500.

611 West Oak Street Lot 29
Alicia D. and Spencer T. Kelly to Alicia D. and Spencer T. Kelly for $1.

757 West Main Street Etc.
Salvatore Mannino Estate, Anthony Mannino to Anthony, Maria, Vito, and Salvatore Mannino for $1.

804 East Birch Street
Collin Nye to Charles E. Wolf Jr., Ruth A. Wolf for $185,900.

959 East Maple Street Lot 611
Susan E. Lehman to Mary J. Leone for $166,000.

South Annville Township

105 Beech Tree Court Lot 79
Garman Builders at Mayapple LLC to Derek S. and Sundra L. Miller for $335,162.

(UPI #29-2311791-363484-0000) Unit 81 Building 13
Garman Builders at Mayapple LLC to Jeffrey and Dori Ross for $318,990.

563 Horseshoe Trail Drive Lot 40
Margaret M. Lichty to Shawn M. Rebuck, Gregory M. Burkman for $615,000.

(UPI #29-2311987-363213-0000) Unit 28 Building 16 Corrective Deed
Garman Builders at Mayapple LLC to E. Spence Baker Jr., Maria D. Baker for $267,556.

(UPI #29-2312055-363393-0000) Unit 25 Building 15
Connie E. Carrasco to Rudra M. and Shreejana Gurung for $275,000.

South Lebanon Township

262 East Evergreen Road
Ronald S. and Joy L. Brubaker to First Choice Home Buyers for $125,000.

716 South Lincoln Avenue
William J. Walter Jr. Estate, Debra Y., Nancy A., Elizabeth M., and Eric J. Walter to Iris Pichardo, Guillermo O. R. Bottier for $163,000.

2007 Allegheny Avenue
Jessica and Steven Kern to Steven Kern for $75,000.

1601 Fonderwhite Road Consolidation Deed
Jonathan L. and Katie K. Esh, Lebanon Valley Economic Development Corporation to Jonathan L. and Katie K. Esh for $24,760.

1527 Fonderwhite Road Consolidation Deed
John A. Boyer Sr., Vickie L. Boyer, Lebanon Valley Economic Development Corporation to John A. Boyer Sr., Vickie L. Boyer for $20,313.

220 Hazel Court Lot 42
James R. Moore to Skyler N. Doss, John R. Stockdale for $375,000.

1015 Smith Avenue
Harold J. Tice to Jerome and Wilette Rosenbaum for $204,900.

74 Falcon Circle Quit Claim Deed
Jonathan and Nicole L. Flowers to Jonathan Flowers for $0.

206 Acorn Circle Lot 141
Jessica R. Himes to Aristides R. Mines, Bertilda L. D. Ruiz for $185,000.

South Londonderry Township

53 Woodridge Drive Lot 23
Lois A. Schwartz to David G. Peck Jr. for $185,000.

593 Springbrook Drive Unit 57
Sylvia Keith to Keith Family Irrevocable Trust, Kimberly K. Reger, Heidi L. Feeney for $1.

144 Bell Road
Mount Pleasant Ventures to S. Gerald and Karen Musser for $1.

150 Bell Road
Mount Pleasant Ventures to S. Gerald and Karen Musser for $1.

33 Berry Lane
Brian P. and Katie L. Irvin to Brian P. and Katie L. Irvin for $1.

Swatara Township

107 Lighthouse Drive Lot 55
Darrin L. Dietrich to Devin Bucks for $174,900.

Union Township

11 Mayflower Drive Lot 90
Navdeep K. and Harjit S. Ghuman to Thomas Phelan for $286,000.

76 Race Horse Drive Lot 1
Aleta L. and Rodney S. Babe to Gary Z. and Lucinda M. Horst for $655,000.

307 Shepherd Street Lot 21
Robert A. Barlett to Rachael G. Stumpf, Mason A. Dechert for $235,000.

West Cornwall Township

107 5th Street Lot 15
Patrick and Lisa M. Bradley to Jeffrey A. and Gloria J. Lehigh for $192,900.

204 Otterbein Avenue Lots 5, 7, 11, 13
Joseph J. Perzel to Ali F. P. and Ryan H. Peters for $125,000.

218 Scenic Ridge Boulevard Lot 75 Corrective Deed
S. Gerald Musser Builder, S. Gerald Musser to Angela M. and Juan C. Portes for $1.

600 North Street Lots 61 and 63
Andrew B. and Allison B. Clements to Andrew B. and Allison B. Clements for $1.

400 Otterbein Avenue Lot 23 and Part of Lot 18
Stefanie L. Cox to Aaron and Stephanie Barr for $205,000.

West Lebanon Township

350 North 21st Street
Gary L. Kohr Jr., Gail E. Dodson to Yolanda E. Cruz, Xiomara S. Espinar for $45,000.

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