Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County.

Annville Township

49 South Mill Street
Gary F. and Karen L. Alonzo to Gary F. Alonzo for $1.

Bethel Township

2848 South Pine Grove Street Lot 16
James A. Heisey Estate, Jennifer R. Noel to Alexandr Khairov, Svetlana Khairova for $270,000.

276 Golf Road
Jacob H. and Ruth D. Bross to J. Stephen and Joann S. Bauman for $555,000.

505 Shirksville Road
John E. Glibert IV, Alexandra M. Gilbert to Ashley M. Starling for $260,000.

126 North Center Street
Darryl L. and Pamela O. Sheidy to RW Marketing Limited Liability Company for $72,000.

City of Lebanon

317 South 1st Street
Janira L. Rivera to Janira L. Rivera for $1.

1127 Chestnut Street
Clair H. and Betsy J. Weaver to Reuben and Loretta Peck for $240,000.

930 Cumberland Street
Marilyn Weaver to Garman Properties LLC for $210,000.

1502 Elm Street
Maly and Sopha Iem to Shannon Eichenseer for $239,000.

611 Raspberry Lane Lot 35
Bonnie L. Bowman to Ronald L. and Nancy Furman for $225,000.

807 South 12th Street
D. Elaine Martin to Marisel Gonzalez, Hector J. N. Mejia for $239,900.

1501 Rear Lehman Street Lots 64 and 164
Aspens Inc. to Kevin A. Fox for $395,000.

1353 Monument Street
Maria Pagan, Noah Starry to Luis K. P. Morfa for $47,000.

342 East Guilford Street
Jessica L. Mendez to Frank Tomecek Jr. for $71,000.

1402 Willow Street
Enid A. Rivera to Josue D. S. Mercedes, Mauren D. Urbaez for $169,900.

121 Canal Street
Stephanie A. Reese to Howard F. Wood for $61,500.

518 Spruce Street
Paul and Susan M. Gernet to Garrett R. Martin for $38,000.

502 North 11th Street
Modesta and Curry E. Batdorf to Modesta Batdorf for $1.

224 South Eighth Street
Helvio and Nelson Rosario to Helvio Rosario for $1.

224 South Eighth Street
Helvio Rosario to Helvio and Luisa Y. Rosario for $1.

314 Guilford Street
J. Brian Krall to Cristal J. Reyes for $70,000.

1237 Elm Street
Guy R. and Jacqueline Pacitti to Charles Norman, Laura Birkin for $270,000.

124 Pershing Avenue
Gregory L. and Laurie A. Munnion to Reputable Streamline Properties for $75,000.

515 Walnut Street
Kristin Tomecek to Kelsea M. Illiano for $100,000.

312 South 13th Street
Kevin B. and Kristin M. McLerran to Tianna A. and Ayoub A. Achour for $165,000.

315 Cumberland Street
Barry E. and Susan Bucks to Thomas D. and Brenda K. Shuey III for $89,000.

253 South 8th Street
Bobbie J. Kline to Jeannette A. F. Santos for $120,000.

1146 Old Cumberland Street
Jordan K. Reed to Janet D. Heiser for $97,000.

607 Maple Street
Eric R. Wolfe Estate, Denise F. Wolfe to Denise F. Wolfe for $1.

329 Elm Street
Mark and Deborah Hurst to Angel L. Feliciano for $192,000.

417 North 10th Street
Alecia C. Kelsey to Rosario E. V. Derodriguez for $1.

509 North 5th Street
Joseph K. Schlegel to Ethan P. and Diane J. Hollingshead for $115,000.

327 South 7th Street
Complete Control Solutions to KDW Real Estate for $40,000.

254 South 8th Street
Frank Tomecek Jr. to Jessica Mendez for $150,000.

232 South Eighth Street
Elizabeth M. McGuire Houtz Estate, Elizabeth M. Mc Guire Houtz Estate, Patricia McGuire to Jeremiah J. Zimmerman for $115,000.

Cornwall Borough

1408 Douglas Fir Drive Lot 352
Austin J. and Jan E. Kauffman to Austin J. and Jan E. Kauffman for $1.

539 Hemlock Lane Lot 23
Patricia Richardson to Shawn S. Urich, Bailey A. Hentz for $350,000.

107 Furnace Street
John A. Ovates Estate, John A. Ovates Jr. Estate, M. Nancy and William F. Deliberty to Jean H. and Anita R. Felisma for $205,000.

1005 Brandywine Drive Unit 15
William W. Cookson to William W. Cookson, Donna Spinelli for $103,700.

1009 Brandywine Drive Unit 13
Cornwall Associates LP, Alden Homes at Cornwall Inc. to Karen B. Nicholson for $483,083.

1044 Bell Tower Drive Unit 438
Cornwall Associates LP, Alden Homes at Cornwall Inc. to Barbara Z. Kirschner for $330,758.

118 Julia Lane
Lucas K. Zoumas to Jesse E. Ramsey for $175,000.

1239 Ash Lane Lot 306
Thomas D. P. and Roberta J. P. Lee to Thomas D. Lee for $1.

115 Julia Lane
Elizabeth A. Perkins Estate, Elizabeth P. Light Estate, James Houser to Samantha Haluska for $170,000.

East Hanover Township

709 Ono Road
Michael Steiner Estate, Michael L. Steiner Estate, Michael Lee Steiner Estate, Andrew J. Hershey to Lindsey K. Shimp for $130,000.

NS Allentown Boulevard
Janet M. Blatt to Mark and Joan Sallada for $240,000.

10447 Mountain Road
James E. Gabner Sr. Estate, James E. Gabner Estate, James E. Gabner Jr., Margaret M. Richcreek, Dolores Crowell, Diane Schaeffer, Nancy Marie Gaber Estate, Lisa M. Reigel to Jeffrey P. Klassen for $29,900.

1122 Gravel Hill Road
Francesco D. Randazzo to Jacob E. and Susan L. Boyle for $335,000.

807 Ono Road
Benjamin M. and Tonya M. Moyer to Tyler E. and Rebekah J. Heagy for $245,000.

North of Log Cabin Drive
Dennis U. and Mildred E. Shreffler to Pamela A. Shreffler for $1.

38 Sherks Church Road Lot 1
Joyce I. Althoff to Steven and Jenni K. Thompson for $235,000.

Heidelberg Township

1425 Heidelberg Avenue Lot 2
Elaine Matternas to Philip A. Hayden, Joseph J. Gwara Jr. for $500,000.

1164 Heidelberg Avenue Part of Lot 87
Cara S. Christopher to David and Almira Kline for $165,000.

306 North Carpenter Street Etc. Lot 2 Etc.
Justin D., Addison A., David C., and Lisa L. Ayers to Justin D. and Addison A. Ayers for $1.

383 Michters Road
Howard R. and Doris F. Moore to Skylar L. and Kayla R. Gingrich for $294,000.

361 Distillery Road
Clifford M. and Lucille H. Good to Dale L. and Jessica M. Binkley for $350,000.

Jackson Township

332 King Street Lot 9
Lehman Street Mennonite Fellowship to Ramona Real Estate for $1.

220 East Rosebud Road
Samuel E. Beiler to Samuel E. Beiler, Ruth L. Motley for $1.

519 Kutztown Road
Justin M. and Amanda J. Remlinger to Tyler J. Robertson, Jessica A. Trgovic for $290,000.

536 Kutztown Road
Jared C. Breckbill to Dylan R. Babcock for $127,500.

409 East Lincoln Avenue
Riles Home Aide Haven Inc. to Karen H. and Jeffrey D. Stauffer for $325,000.

18 Arbor Drive Lot 137
Lois J. Bomberger Estate, Linda S. Rau, Deborah A. Miller to Susan L. Shuey for $190,000.

427 East Rosebud Road
Barry B. Brown to Marlin M. and Miriam W. Nolt for $215,000.

509 West Lincoln Avenue Corrective Deed
Lori A. Erdman to Lori A. Yeiser for $1.

110 Krall Road Lots 3, 4, 5, and 6
John B. and Sharon L. Kline to Jacob D. and Jesse S. Kline for $370,000.

Jonestown Borough

119 North Lancaster Street
Bryon J. Sando, Laura E. Smith to Bryon J. Sando for $1.

300 West Market Street
Rockin G Property Group to John M. and Kathleen T. Travers for $192,000.

135 East Market Street
Rochelle E. Bender to Rochelle E. and Barry W. Stickler for $1.

49 West Queen Street
St. Johns United Church of Christ of Jonestown, Church St. Johns United Church of Christ of Jonestown to James A. and Lori A. Houser for $270,000.

318 Swatara Creek Drive Lot G-174
John C. and Melissa S. Meredith to Rashmi Khatiwada, Shree N. Niraula for $238,100.

Millcreek Township

225 South Fort Zellers Road Lot 1
Michael C. Williams to Michael C. Williams, Sheri L. Moyer for $1.

118 Sweetwater Lane Lot 391
Daniel T. and Kelley A. Witmer to Daniel T. and Kelley A. Witmer for $1.

Myerstown Borough

619-621 South Railroad Street, 701 South Railroad Street
David C. and Brenda L. Neuman to Martin Real Estate Holdings LLC for $1,150,000.

20 West Maple Avenue
Brian K. Eisenhour to Rebecca G. and David G. Morris for $259,000.

130 South Cherry Street
David C. and Brenda L. Neuman to Vertical Capital LLC for $73,000.

North Annville Township

2965 Pine Avenue
Donald L. and Kristie S. Fernsler to Michael Rathman for $235,000.

North Cornwall Township

2158 Walnut Street Lot 6
Thomas R. Brandt to Mohamed A. Elwahed, Amany K. Elsayed for $180,000.

Part of Lot 18 Etc.
Premier Home Solutions to Kristin M. Tomecek for $154,900.

804 Byler Circle Unit 140
Builder Services Group Inc., Kenneth Homes to Olivia E. Pedia for $193,360.

800 Byler Circle Unit 142
Builder Services Group Inc., Kenneth Homes to Elliott Kleckner, Julianne Ferrie for $215,360.

802 Byler Circle Unit 141
Kenneth Homes, Builder Services Group Inc. to Orlando C. Torres, Luzmila S. Lara for $193,360.

806 Byler Circle Unit 139
Kenneth Homes, Builder Services Group Inc. to John Stieber, Gamze Gurbuz for $193,360.

36 Creekside Drive Lot 89
Narrows Glen Inc. to Matthew G. Berfield, Kristen N. Knoll for $399,987.

808 Byler Circle Unit 138
Builder Services Group Inc., Kenneth Homes to Eduardo C. T. Torres for $193,360.

810 Wheatfield Lane Lot 31
Michael A. and Deborah A. Frattaroli to Larry S. and Diane G. Felty for $370,000.

1834 Carlton Drive Lot D-8
Todd A. and Paula M. Doney to Brent Marks for $140,000.

106 North Mill Street
Dennis W. and Judilynn Jukola to Michael Zimmerman for $175,000.

North Lebanon Township

W Of Quarry Road
Gary L. and Patricia A. Marks to Gary L. and Patricia A. Marks for $1.

1717 Quarry Road
Gary L. and Patricia A. Marks to Gary L. and Patricia A. Marks for $1.

1718 Grace Avenue
Gary L. and Patricia A. Marks to Gary L. and Patricia A. Marks for $1.

W Of Quarry Road
Gary L. and Patricia A. Marks to Gary L. and Patricia A. Marks for $1.

1718 Grace Avenue
Gary L. and Patricia A. Marks to Gary L. and Patricia A. Marks for $1.

1721 Quarry Road Lot 3
Gary L. and Patricia A. Marks to Gary L. and Patricia A. Marks for $1.

1717 Quarry Road Lot 4
Gary L. and Patricia A. Marks to Gary L. and Patricia A. Marks for $1.

107 Ginger Court Unit 190
Landmark Homes at Sweetbriar Inc. to Gregory L. and Tonya L. Moskoff for $386,290.

3 Fawnwood Drive Lot 51
Debra A. and Russell W. Weitzel to Russell W. and Debra A. Weitzel for $1.

2631 West Cumberland Street
Rama & Rajni to Emvee for $580,000.

1460 Old Hickory Lane Lot 7
Justin R. Stamm to Edwin R. Zayas for $225,000.

730 Narrows Drive Lot 107
John D. Heck Jr., Daphne C. Heck to Daphne C. Heck for $1.

765 North 32nd Street
Evelyn J. Kleinfelter Estate, Jeffrey Kleinfelter to Kayla N. Kleinfelter for $1.

920 Walnut Crest Drive Lot 69
Joseph M. and Sharon L. Donovan to Calvin S. and Kathleen L. Kennel for $356,500.

810 Maple Lane
Kenneth R. Young Estate, Faye Hess to Beth A. Bitler for $189,000.

1395 Meadowbrook Lane
Jonathan Whitaker to Charles S. and Carol A. Meck for $240,000.

North Londonderry Township

SS Sweetwater Drive Lot 222
Joseph F. Lauck to Joseph F. Lauck Family Trust for $1.

70 Edison Road
Millpond Properties LLC to Charles L. and Jennifer M. Huff for $375,000.

1578 South Forge Road
Tamara L. and Melvin H. RIchards to And House Cash for $68,538.

46 Fairfax Lane Lot 112
W. Gregory Larsh to Annville 46 LLC for $375,000.

31 East Larch Street Lot 3
Mary H. Hoke Estate, Edward R. Puchalik to John M. and Marilyn Hoke for $178,600.

298 Parliament Drive Lot 140
Jonathan Wiltrout, Katherine Prudhoe to Krishna and Durga Dulal for $410,000.

2 Sandy Drive Lot 154
Donald C. Heverling Jr., Deborah L. Heverling to Nicholas W. and Sierra N. Martz for $310,000.

1106 Cambridge Court Plot 284
Barry P. and Susan L. Rhodes to Charles Mundy for $195,000.

31 Ladderback Lane
Krista M. Antonis, Robert B. Hicks, JTWROS to Bal K. and Bhima D. Bhattarai for $450,000.

124 Pickwick Circle
Terrence J. and Susan M. B. McDonald to Ashley A. and Steven M. Pish for $365,000.

Palmyra Borough

218 West Orchard Drive Lot 16
Joseph F. Lauck to Joseph F. Lauck Family Trust for $1.

309-315 North Chestnut Street
Joseph F. Lauck to Joseph F. Lauck Family Trust for $1.

219 North Railroad Street
Shawn W. Koppenhaver to Panda Real Estate for $193,000.

45 North College Street
R. Bruce and M. Elizabeth Andrews to Matthew B. and Amanda M. Andrews for $137,500.

115 East Broad Street
Laurie A. Longenecker to Jigar N. and Nidhiben J. Patel for $126,000.

220 East Oak Street
Gary L. Smith Estate, Clark K. O. Smith to Clark K. O. Smith, Melanie M. Barrett for $1.

30 North Green Street
James C. Fackler III, Tiffany N. Jones to Brandon J. and Abigael A. Bord for $149,900.

212 West Pine Street Lots 574, 575, 576, and Part of Lot 577
Jeune G. Seibert Estate, David G. Seibert to James Fackler III, Tiffany Jones for $240,000.

107 North Franklin Street
James A. Grant, Sherry L. Pearson to William Bering Sr., Debra Bering for $110,000.

Richland Borough

121 South Race Street Etc.
Eugene F. Trimble to Carlie R. Keashon, Jordan C. Bond for $199,900.

19 North Race Street
Brian S. and Robyn M. Wentzel to Cory Mays for $170,000.

South Annville Township

679 Louser Road Lot 4
Kenneth J. Jones to Kenneth J. and Tamara L. Jones for $1.

581 Nottingham Way Lot 41
Ryan and Sarah H. Hagemeyer to Ana L. B. F. Tirlone for $480,000.

5 Valley Avenue Lots 42 and 43
Guy and Gary L. Wartluft, Lou A. Hartman, Debra Miller, Unknown Heirs to BP Properties Investment Group for $165,400.

South Lebanon Township

1009 Horseshoe Circle Lot 68
Faye A. Bishop to Stephen Bleyer for $333,000.

10 Pennwood Road Lot 17 and Part of Lot 16
Ronald W. and Kristi R. Reber to Kristi R. Reber for $1.

1512 King Street
Ned A. and Diane K. Krissinger to Darryl A. and Marcine S. Lawrence for $135,000.

130 Wheatstone Lane Lot 102
Andrew J. Peters to Steven R. Blauch, Courtney E. Peters for $160,000.

332 Acorn Circle Lot 193
Stephen M. Bleyer to Samantha Blauch for $180,000.

629 Henry Houck Lane Lot 85
Robin K. Vick to Erin Rohart for $178,900.

104 Iona Road
Mark A. and Michelle M. Fuhrman to Sean and Meredith Myers for $430,000.

2801 State Drive
Ruth S. Martin to Jonathan L. and Lisa M. Martin for $700,000.

132 Palm Lane Lot 76
Frank A. and Michelle M. Remlinger to Scott C. and Amanda Malone for $180,500.

1306 Birch Road Lot 93
Anthony L. and Lori A. Tribioli to Jennea R. Spade for $105,000.

202 Crest Road
Gregory L. Munnion to Gregory M. Munnion for $60,000.

157 Stone Hedge Court Lot 35
Minerva W. and Ronald S. Lehman to David and Karen Dinunzio for $261,000.

44 Ridge Avenue
Hector Velez to Hicham Aitachour, Houria Atmani for $192,000.

South Londonderry Township

2861 Horseshoe Pike
Crystal B. Smith to Jason L. King for $210,500.

71 Lantern Lane Lot 13 Block A
Matthew W. and Angelique L. Marshall to Aranda Michele K. Revocable Trust for $460,000.

1550-1554 Mount Wilson Road
Colebrook Twin Kiss, Leslie E. Winters to South Mountain Ventures LLC for $71,000.

1209 Smith Lane Lot 13
David V. and Paula M. Diener to Nathan Mrakovich for $50,000.

117 Brookwood Drive Lot 68
Robert E. Dunkinson II to Robert E. Dunkinson II, Jayne A. Dunkinson for $1.

141 Fox Road Lot 17
Brian Hill Estate, Linda Hill to Bruce White II for $307,615.

107 Forest Circle Lot 70
Erin E. Ensminger to Erin E. and Matthew J. Roman for $1.

79 Harvest Mill Lane Unit 58
Daniel and Joana Powell to Joana Powell for $10.

79 Harvest Mill Lane Unit 58
Joana Powell to Joana and Steven Powell for $10.

Swatara Township

WS Quarry Road
Gary L. and Patricia A. Marks to Gary L. and Patricia A. Marks for $1.

WS Quarry Road
Gary L. and Patricia A. Marks to Gary L. and Patricia A. Marks for $1.

WS Quarry Road Lot 2
Gary L. and Patricia A. Marks to Gary L. and Patricia A. Marks for $1.

150 Lickdale Road
Brad S. and Carolyn M. Baughman to Sean R. Driscoll for $60,000.

7 Township Line Drive Lot 28
Sean W. and Meredith K. Myers to Richard E. and Linda L. Grumbine for $251,000.

2 Wildflower Circle Lot 18
Monica J. Copenhaver, Ronald J. Copenhaver Jr. to Monica J. Copenhaver, Ronald J. Copenhaver Jr. for $1.

11 Blue Jay Lane
Larry E. Garloff, Robin A. Day to Nathan Rhoads for $155,000.

SS Troy Avenue Lot 1
Robert M. Bensing Jr., Jeffrey A. and Beth E. Bensing to Jeffrey A. and Beth E. Bensing for $1.

23 Moore Road
Raymond P. Crouse to Nathan P. and Dorie L. Maulfair for $145,000.

Union Township

503 Shepherd Street Lot 38
Lauren S. Edwards to Lauren S. and Darrell L. Edwards for $1.

71 Monroe Valley Drive
Daniel L. and Erica P. Stockin to Nevin Zimmerman for $191,775.

West Cornwall Township

324 Tree View Lane Lot 47
Gerald E. and Beverley A. Wells to Kelly A. and Jon J. Melendez for $375,000.

449 Butler Road Lot 7
Eastern Enterprises Inc. to Robert N. and Marissa G. Kovach for $120,000.

612 2nd Street Etc. Lots 67, 69, 70, 71, 72, and 73
David W. Shope to James E. and Rebecca L. Bonner for $330,000.

112 Scenic Ridge Boulevard Lot 3
Rocci A. Schuima Jr., Loretta Schuima to Edward J. and Terri D. Kane for $410,000.

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