The Campbelltown Community Alliance (CCA) is well on its way to raising funds for a playground at the Campbelltown Community Park, but it needs the community’s help to make it a reality.

The CCA was one of nearly a dozen organizations to benefit from the most recent round of grants via the Marcellus Legacy Fund. The alliance was awarded $25,000 for the project, which now be matched by other funds raised by the CCA.

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The group has already sent out a mailer (see above) to local residents asking their help to make the playground possible.

Previously, the alliance raised funds to erect a pavilion on the 16-acre park grounds. That project is currently in the bidding phase.

“Things are really moving along in Campbelltown,” said CCA president Jen Bushta. “Please consider donating and help CCA, and the community, build a playground in the park!”

Donations can be made via the CCA’s website or through checks, payable to CCA, at PO Box 445, Campbelltown, PA 17010.

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