Although the entry date for the 2022 Pennsylvania Make It With Wool contest is still some months away, now is the time for those interested to start planning a potentially prize-winning garment.

The competition will be held Saturday, Oct. 1, with registration due by Tuesday, Sept. 6. But you’ll probably want to get started well in advance of that.

Five different contests for the best garments made with wool or other animal fibers are part of the overall competition:

  • Preteens, 8-12.
  • Juniors, 13-16.
  • Seniors, 17-24.
  • Adults, 25 & older.
  • Made for others, open to any age.

Brackets are for ages as of Jan. 1, 2022.

Garments will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Appropriate to contestant’s lifestyle.
  • Fit and overall appearance.
  • Coordination of fabric/yarn with garment style and design.
  • Contestant’s presentation.
  • Construction quality.
  • Creativity in design and use of wool.
  • Conveys/promotes the beauty, comfort, and versatility of wool.

Earlier this year, two Lebanon County students who had won their respective state divisions represented Pennsylvania in the national competition, held in San Diego. The national competition berths were open to the winners of the state junior and senior divisions.

Jolene Bomgardner and Madison Copenhaver both performed admirably at the national contest.

Jolene Bomgardner, left, and Madison Copenhaver.

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Copenhaver was named as one of the Top Ten in the junior competition and Bomgardner was named first runner-up in the senior competition, as well as taking second place for her handwork/embroidery.

Registration for the contest is $15, plus an additional fee per fabric/yarn used. All who register receive a piece of wool yardage. Contact state director Linda Siegel with questions or to register at 717-274-1197 or

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