Lebanon County’s local congressman, Dan Meuser (R-9), was one of three GOP representatives for the Keystone State to vote “Yea” for the Respect for Marriage Act.

The bill, passed last Tuesday by the House, codifies federal protections for same-sex couples and repeals the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act. Many celebrated the bill’s passage in the House as affirming the right of any American to marry, and securing it against further potential Supreme Court reversals.

Unanimously supported by Democrats in the House, the bill saw Republicans split, with most GOP delegates voting against the measure. Meuser joined 46 other Republicans nationwide with his “yes” vote, including two Pennsylvania Republicans – Philadelphia area Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick (R-1) and Harrisburg area Rep. Scott Perry (R-10).

“My vote in support of H.R. 8404 was to affirm the current law and support the rights and freedoms of all Americans,” said Meuser in a statement to LebTown. “The passage of this legislation reflects current law, which was upheld by a Supreme Court ruling nearly 10 years ago.”

“This vote was not difficult for me, as it does not infringe upon anyone’s personal and religious rights.”

Meuser added to his comment, “I will continue to push for restrictions on men entering women’s sports and oppose any attempts by Democrats to infringe on individual and religious freedoms.”

The legislation now proceeds to the Senate, where it will again need Republican support to be passed.

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