It’s been hard to keep up with the old Treadway Inn recently. First the Days Inn was a Rodeway Inn/Clarion Hotel. Then it was a Hammock Hotel. And then … well, let’s just say the TripAdvisor stories are not going to give you vacation envy.

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But new owner Mihir Patel and his partners said that things are changing, and fast, at the new/old Days Inn since they officially took control of it in July for just under $9,000 in a sheriff’s proceeding following the property going into receivership.

According to the real estate transaction, a mortgage loan valued at over $4 million is attached to the property. Patel declined to say what the overall financial obligations were with the property but did say that it involved debt fees and other conditional issues.

Patel said that he and his partners had no ties to the previous owners, and saw the building as a great investment with great history.

The entrance to the Days Inn in August 2022.
The lobby of the Days Inn in August 2022.

Patel acknowledged the hotel has been run down for quite some time, but said that it’s now working in a fine system (a Wyndham-backed brand, as Patel emphasized) and bringing all of its rooms to be up to date.

Patel said that Days Inn has lots of requirements to meet, and that all of the rooms will be renovated over the next six to eight months.

Down the line, the Days Inn might even bring back a bar or office space like at the Treadway of yore, and a rebooted banquet hall could be in the works too. But that’s all for later. For now, Patel said his No. 1 priority is getting the rooms updated.

“They don’t build them like this anymore,” said Patel. “So much storage space.”

“It just needs some love.”

Restaurant area at the Days Inn in August 2022.
Bar area at the Days Inn in August 2022.
Bar area at the Days Inn in August 2022.

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