On a charcuterie board, in a sandwich, or straight from the meat drawer in your fridge (we won’t judge), Lebanon Bologna makes for a delicious snack no matter how you take it. Check out this list from our friends around the Lebanon Valley for some of our favorite takes on Lebanon Bologna. Plus a few, shall we say, unique fixins of choice…

Mark Arnold, Owner of the Gin Mill Restaurant & Tavern: “Fried, Double Smoked Sweet Bologna from Seltzer’s with Cooper sharp on a roll.” 

Bryan Smith, Executive Director of Lebanon County Christian Ministries: “Cut thick (must be a sweet bologna), throw it on the Blackstone Grill, just as it starts to curl, flip it and throw on your favorite cheese (I like a white American or spicy cheese). Make sure you butter and grill your pretzel roll and place that bologna on the roll… little mustard with it!” 

Karen Groh, President of Lebanon Valley Chamber of Commerce: “I love Lebanon Bologna fried to bring out all the best flavors. Slap it on some focaccia with a little sweet honey mustard. Yum!”

Josie Ames, Visit Lebanon Valley Board of Directors: “Fried Lebanon Bologna on a pretzel roll with cheese, raw onion, and yellow mustard.”

Sherry Capello, Mayor of Lebanon: “I love Sweet Lebanon Bologna on fresh white bread with nothing but butter and lots of it!”

Emmily Longenecker, Realtor with Team Longenecker of Iron Valley Real Estate: “Martin’s potato roll, yellow mustard, and potato chips is my favorite Lebanon Bologna sandwich.”  

Brad Longenecker, Realtor with Team Longenecker of Iron Valley Real Estate: “White bread, yellow mustard, Lebanon Bologna, potato chips, and the most important step, smash down!”

Austin Wagoner, Fourth Generation Owner and CEO of Seltzer’s Smokehouse Meat: “With both a toddler and a newborn at home, and all the new and exciting projects we have going on at Seltzer’s, I rarely have time to stop and eat a full meal. For me, a couple bags of our Lebanon Bologna Beef Jerky or a bag of our brand new Smokehouse Snackers makes for a delicious, quick, and filling snack.”

Mike Emery, Site Administrator of Cornwall Iron Furnace: “One of my favorite ways to eat Lebanon Bologna is what was known for years as a ‘Dutch Lunch.’ Years ago, when I would go to rural estate auctions, the food vendors would often sell premade bags of bologna pieces, cheese chunks, and hard pretzels which they called a ‘Dutch Lunch.’ Even today, this is often my snack of choice.”

Jennifer Kuzo, President of Visit Lebanon Valley: “I love Seltzer’s Sweet Chipotle Bologna with a fried egg and melted cheese on a toasted onion bagel with a dash of Dijon mustard.   Delicious! My husband, Ron, likes it rolled with peanut butter…”

Mike Osborne, Cofounder and Brewmaster at Lebanon Valley Craft Brewery: “I like my Lebanon Bologna pan fried in olive oil and served on a brioche bun with lacey Swiss cheese, a fried egg, mustard, and a dash of Texas Pete.”

It’s pretty clear that our love for Lebanon Bologna is big here in the Lebanon Valley. But how big exactly? 

Try 150-feet big… That’s right, we’re building a 150-foot Lebanon Bologna Sandwich this summer at the Lebanon Area Fair. Join us on Tuesday, July 25 from 5 to 7 p.m. at the Fair’s Community Night, as we assemble, unveil, and enjoy the World’s Largest Lebanon Bologna Sandwich. It may not be certified by Guinness World Records, but we can assure you this sandwich is going to be big!

 For more information on the World’s Largest Lebanon Bologna Sandwich, click here.


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