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My name is Dr. Calvin Clements. Some of you may know me as Doc. I want to introduce myself to those who do not know me and earn your vote to be your Senator in the 48th district. I’ve lived here most of my adult life. And I’ve watched while one party controlled most everything and we’ve lost businesses and family farms. Things have stagnated for many. And, then the pandemic hit.

We need somebody who will go to Harrisburg and help get businesses back operating and people back in jobs. We need to help our family farmers and businesspeople. We need to make sure our schools can stay open and our communities are safe. And, I know how to do these things because I’ve done them for decades years, I’ve run my own business. I took care of many beloved family pets and worked in our community.

During that time, I built my practice and a chain of veterinary clinics with 57 employees to serve the families in our community. Now, I want to represent you with that same dedication and compassion. I’ve built a business. I’ve had to balance a budget and live within my means. I’ve created jobs and I’ve worked with legislation and regulation and I understand what it means to struggle.

When I was growing up, my family had a dairy farm. And just like we see today, dairy farmers are often forgotten by our legislators. I’m going to fix that. I also know what it’s like for your family to struggle. My father took a second job to avoid going bankrupt. One night, driving home he fell asleep and the rest of his life, he was disabled. We lost our farm and my family had to rely on welfare programs.

I understand what it feels like to put yourself through college. I worked my way through college and earned my veterinary degree and built a successful veterinary business. I understand hardship. And my experience is needed now more than ever in the Senate to get us open and back to work. For more information visit our website at