For Thanksgiving 2018, Giant Food Stores are bringing back the much-loved free turkey promotion, which last ran in 2016.

Giant shoppers who earn 400 BonusPoints between October 12 and November 22 may redeem them for a “free turkey certificate”. In other words, spend $400 at Giant during that period and you’ll get a free bird (or some other options, discussed below). Stores in some markets will set the BonusPoints goal higher than 400, but Lebanon’s goal is confirmed as 400 points.

The free turkey is Grade “A” Giant brand turkey that will weigh about 18 pounds. If you need a smaller (or bigger) bird, the certificate may also be used for $1 off each pound up to 20 of any brand turkey.


BonusPoints are also always redeemable for gas at the rate of 10¢ off per gallon up to a maximum of 25 gallons.

If you are the kind of person who accumulates more points than you know what to do with, you can donate the certificate to a local food bank through Giant. Gobble gobble.