Psychosis incident at Lebanon Walmart probably caused by synthetic pot, man faces felony charges

< 1 min read7 views and 319 shares Posted December 21, 2018

According to a news release yesterday by North Lebanon Township, the December 10 knife-brandishing incident at Walmart has resulted in charges against the Lebanon man, whose name we are not currently publishing in accordance with our right-to-be-forgotten policy.

The 23-year-old faces two felony charges: one a third-degree charge for terroristic threats that cause a serious public inconvenience and another for the manufacturer or distribution of a designer drug.


The Lebanon Daily News reported from the affidavit that police responding to the incident found, “Two knotted baggies containing a green leafy vegetable substance later identified as synthetic marijuana.”

Synthetic marijuana goes by the street names Spice and K2, and it affects users in unpredictable ways, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which have advised medical practitioners to watch out for symptoms that can include hallucinations, delusions, psychosis, violent behavior, and suicidal thoughts. Synthetic marijuana was the substance that caused all 25 state prisons to lock down in September when a staff member got sick after coming into contact with paper reading materials that had apparently been hydrated with the drug.

The Lebanon man faces additional misdemeanor charges for simple assault, hazardous disorderly conduct, use/possession of drug paraphernalia, and making repairs to or selling offensive weapons.


He remains incarcerated at Lebanon County Correctional Facility on $50,000 bail. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for December 27.

If you haven’t seen the original footage yet, check it out below or read our original story for more details.


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