Sunbury-based Weis Markets, Inc announced a new program this week that emphasizes new “low, low prices” on thousands of items in the market.

It’s understandable to view this as a sign that prices were too high to begin with. Another explanation is that increased competition has benefited the consumer. Ultimately both interpretations are accurate.


According to SEC documents, the company saw a significant increase in cashflow between 2017 and 2018, largely due to the lowering of the federal business income tax rate from 35% to 21%. The company simply had a bigger margin than it did a year ago, allowing it to cut prices while still maintaining its normal profitability.

As with many grocery stores, some of the price tags you see may have caveats, like requiring a Weis Shoppers Club card or purchasing a specific quantity.

In an unscientific price comparison conducted by The Express-Times this fall, Weis and Wegman’s came out at the higher end. Aldi was tallied as the least expensive option for the sample cart, followed by Target, Walmart, ShopRite, Redner’s, and Giant.


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