It’s almost that time of year when droves of people will make their way to Saint Cecilia’s Catholic Church at 120 E Lehman Street in Lebanon to purchase delicious, deep-fried fastnachts as a part of the church’s annual sale.

For the uninitiated, fastnachts are a type of heavy, yeast-risen potato donut that’s a staple of Easter traditions in many parts of Pennsylvania Dutch Country.

The name comes from the German word fasten which means “to fast” and nacht which means “night”

The sale will take place March 3-5, with advance preorders of six dozen or more available on one day only. To order six dozen or more, you’ll need to call either 717-273-2432 or 717-273-5971, between the hours of 9 AM and 2 PM or 5PM and 8PM on February 11. They go for $10 per dozen.

Here’s a video of the fastnachts being made last year, via Penn Live.

Here’s Lebanon County videographer Savi You’s look at fastnacht production.