Although students tried to persuade administrators otherwise, Lebanon Valley College held classes pretty much as normal today following a two hour delay.

That was not the desired outcome for LVC student Brandon Kemmery, who created a petition on last night asking LVC President Lewis E. Thayne to cancel classes today due to the extreme cold.

The petition currently has over 1,600 signatures (although doesn’t verify users, if every one of the signers was a student it would represent pretty much the entire student body).

Some example comments from the petition…

It’s cold bruh

I live 45 minutes away from campus. I slid off the road 3 times on my way to class today.

2 hour delay isn’t the look

Small campus or not, it is a freezing walk between classes. I don’t think any administrator would appreciate having to walk back and forth to classes all day, bundled up in a hat and scarf or not.

They’re more worried about the pipes than us lol